trash to treasure tory burch

Thrifting Trash to Treasure ~ Tory Burch Reva Shoes

We recently found this pair of snakeskin Tory Burch Reva flats for only $2 at a Family Thrift OUTLET Store, they originally retailed for $225.   The soles and insoles were in great condition, the snakeskin looked worn out and dry.   For a $2 investment it was worth our time to see if we could salvage them with some over the counter shoe products.   We didn’t have much “skin in the game” … lol

tory burch celebrity reva thrift trash treasure

The snakeskin leather was dried out but after applying “KIWI” Color Shine / Brown it brought a lustrous, sheen.  Use a Sharpie to fill in all of the spots the shoe shine doesn’t cover.   They turned out quite fabulous!

tory burch reva flats thrift store find