This lovely police woman was the winner of the Family Thrift Center Outlet store contest we held last month.

She told us how she is in her uniform six days a week and therefore doesn’t know how to dress in normal clothes.  She felt she needed a major makeover, while also sticking to a budget.  She told us she had no idea where to start, so we were tasked to help her find wardrobe building basics during our shopping trip.

houston police officer wins thrift store shopping spree

The first thing we did was to assess what her style was as well as figure out what her typical day was like, both at work and at home.  She indicated to us that she wanted to be effortlessly stylish.

We began our work  by finding her a high-end, quality white t-shirt that had a tummy control panel built inside and several pairs of long white shorts.  Just a tip, don’t ever be afraid of wearing control undergarments, they help to make your clothes look so much smoother.

Remember that Family Thrift Center Outlets do not have dressing rooms or mirrors, so our winner dressed as we requested, in comfortable, tight fitting clothing that allowed her to try clothes on over her outfit.

This yellow gingham checked blouse was a color she liked, but something she would have never picked out on her own.  Once we showed her a few photos of how to style it, she was on board with the idea!  An added bonus, gingham is going to be huge this spring!

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Another cute staple item that we found was a long tunic blouse.  This can be worn with white or dark denim.  Also, you can wear this year round, in the winter you can wear it with boots and in the summer with sandals.

houston thrift store cheap fashion stylist

This boho chic cardigan with lace and silk details is another basic item that can be added to any type of outfit whether it be jeans, a dress or shorts!   Of course it needs to be washed and ironed before she wears it, but she will get a lot of use out of this piece.

boho thrift store stylist cheap houston blog

Next, we found a navy sleeveless blouse.  This is an item that can be worn multiple ways and always looks sharp and crisp paired with shorts, a skirt or denim!

sleeveless basic blouse

Our winner has a wedding coming up and was looking for a dress.  Instead of hiding her waist, we showed her how accenting it showed off her feminine side!

thrift store stylist cheap houston blog style

Keep in mind when you shop at thrift stores that your best bet is to look for basics.  Do not go in with something specific in mind or you will probably get frustrated.   We think that a solid color sheath dress is a great addition to any wardrobe.  You can wear a solid sheath alone or pair it with a jean jacket, a blazer or a cardigan!

houston thrift store stylist cheap blog family thrift shopping contest

Wardrobe Basics that Everyone Needs

  • A great pair of jeans (both dark and white)
  • Crew-neck sweater
  • Cardigan sweater
  • Well-fitting blazer
  • Quality white t-shirt
  • Versatile dress in a solid color
  • White button-down blouse
  • Pencil skirt
  • Trench coat
Focus on your core wardrobe pieces, then build the rest of your wardrobe around that with fun, colorful, modern and less expensive items.
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We love the opportunity to shop with our readers!
Next week we will be announcing next month’s “Thrift Store Shopping Spree Contest with Too Cheap Blondes” which will be held at a Family Thrift OUTLET store.
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11 of the Best Thrift Store Tips

11 of the Best Tips for Thrift Store Shopping from Too Cheap Blondes.

Between our television segments and our daily blog posts, we realize that we are starting to sound like a broken record.   Following the rules almost 100% of the time, they have now become second nature!

Of course you can break a rule now and then, but these work!

Thrifting Tips:

  1. Don’t try to put together an outfit or you will get frustrated.  Look for individual pieces and then try to build an outfit.
  2. Focus on dresses, jackets and skirts…this is where you normally get the most value for your money.
  3. Skip lower end brands such as Target, Forever 21 and Walmart.
  4. Pay attention to fabrics…avoid synthetics.   Look for natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool.
  5. You can usually find much better deals by “digging” rather than shopping from the boutique section of a thrift store.
  6. All thrift stores are not created equal.
  7. Look through Pinterest, magazines and fashion blogs to recreate trends.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, you can always find something you love!
  9. Pick an area of town and go to 3-4 thrift stores since they are often near each other.
  10. Hard Fast Rule:  NEVER pay more than 10% of retail price, we try to pay 5% or even less.
  11. Be open to finding anything!


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