In honor of Earth Day this year, we’ve teamed up with to let our readers know that not only is thrifting good for your wallet, it’s also great for the environment as well!

Schoola is an online thrift store that sells used clothing. What makes Schoola different from other thrift stores is the fact that Schoola donates 40% (!!!) of the proceeds of sold clothing to either the school of the clothing donator’s choice, or either to the Malala Fund. Folks, that is huge! Most companies that give back to charities give a small portion of the proceeds of sales to their chosen charities, but Schoola gives a whopping 40% to benefit children’s education. Very impressive.

To find out more about Schoola’s process, you can click here:

Since we were unfamiliar with Schoola’s concept, they graciously sent us a box of clothing to check out, along with some of their huge bags that they send donators to send in their clothes in. It really couldn’t be easier to donate your gently used clothing, plus you’ll be benefiting either your school or the Malala Fund . . . win/win!

Here’s a peek at what Schoola sent to us to check out.



We love receiving such carefully packaged items.  It felt like we were opening up a gift!

You can request two different types of donation bags from Schoola.  The first one is a bag that allows you to designate a school to receive the 40% donation.  Did we mention these bags are HUGE!  Also, the postage is already prepaid.  The only way donating could be any easier is if they actually came into your house and packed your stuff up for you!  To request a bag, go here:




The second type of bag you can request sends your donation proceeds to the Malala Fund.



Now, on to the clothes!  All of the items we received were in great used condition, with several of the pieces actually being new with tags still attached.  We received items for our daughters, as well as for ourselves.










Jen’s favorite piece with the gray and white striped Olivia Moon tank.  She paired it with white jeans and a jean jacket (which is always in style) since it was chilly outside.


So, to recap, we were very impressed with Schoola and can recommend them 100% based on our experience.

We challenge our readers to help reduce, reuse and recycle this Earth Day by gathering your gently used, unwanted clothing and donating them in order to reduce waste in our landfills.  Please, if there’s any life left in your clothing, don’t ever throw it in the trash.  There are so many people who can use it.  Also, of course, we encourage you to shop second hand rather than buying retail.  Go out and find some treasures and save the Earth at the same time!

Happy shopping and Happy Earth Day!



This week we found some amazing things from the Family Thrift Outlet locations in Houston. Watch our YouTube videos below to see some of the treasures that can be found for just $2.00 . . . including a brand new with $1,000 tags wedding gown!

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Houston’s Highly Anticipated ReNew ReDux Fashion Show August 20, 2014
(all clothing that has been thrifted / upcycled)
We were definitely excited about reNew and reDux Fashion Show 2013, but this year we can’t wait!
Held for the second time in the stunning Grand Foyer at the Wortham Center, it is sure to be an event to remember.
Wortham Center Women's Home Fashion Show 2013

Wortham Center Women’s Home Fashion Show 2013

Be ready to shop, shop, shop at the wildly popular Pop-Up Boutique.
We got to preview and there will be more high-end designer items for sale than ever before.
Pop-up shop at Women's Home Fashion Show

Pop-up shop at Women’s Home Fashion Show


Tory Burch Reva Flats

Tory Burch Reva Flats


Kate Spade Dress

Kate Spade Dress

Missoni sweater

Missoni sweater


Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix

New with Tags .. TRINA TURK strapless dress

New with Tags .. TRINA TURK strapless dress

Cute strapless jumpsuit from a Greek designer!

Cute strapless jumpsuit from a Greek designer!


 Complimentary drinks and bites provided for all!
Tickets are selling quickly, so purchase one for you and a friend today by going here. As always, all proceeds from reNew and reDux assist The Women’s Home in continuing to provide a WholeLife model of care to women in crisis. reNew and reDux is an amazing experience, and gives back to an amazing cause.
The Wortham said this show is the “opening event of the season” – let’s kick it off with one to remember!


Pippa and I, along with representatives from Goodwill Industries of Houston, showed up to the KTRK Channel 13 studios for an Earth Day recycling drive with an entourage of models in tow.  Our goal was to show Houston folks how they can dress fashionably on a serious budget, all while helping the planet by keeping clothing out of landfills.

We put together some fabulous outfits for the segment. Brands that we used include Anthropologie, J. Crew, Lacoste, Abercrombie and Fitch, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic, just to name a few. A neat fact is that the cost at Goodwill for every single one of our outfits came in at 10% or LESS than the retail price! Take a look at the pic, these aren’t outdated pieces we used either!

We’d like to give a shout out to our lovely models and than them for volunteering their time to helping us, along with Goodwill get the word out to Houstonians about the benefits of shopping thrift. Thanks Victoria, Taylor, Cameron, Hailey and Abbey, you guys rocked!!

Remember to Always Donate and Pay it Forward!

Jen and Pippa are virtual volunteers working to promote non-profit thrift stores in the Houston area.

Jen Meneely

Pippa Williams





The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge!!!!!!!” "Viva Luxury" Blog ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES  Bright As The Sun $20.96  Thrift Store

The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge!!!!!!!” “Viva Luxury” Blog ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES
Bright As The Sun
$20.96 Thrift Store

How many women look at these outfits and think “who can afford these?”

Jen and Pippa are here to show you HOW you can find all of these incredible looks from a thrift store!

We found this Fabulous Pinterest Pin “Bright As The Sun” via “Viva Luxury Blog”  that we recreated all from a thrift store.

To make this even better BOTH the jacket and the shorts are “Trina Turk”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thrift Shop:

  • Trina Turk Tweed Jacket    $9.99
  • Trina Turk Yellow Shorts     $4.99
  • Bag        $3.99
  • Sunglasses  $1.99
  • TOTAL:      $20.96

Our complete Thrift Store outfit was only $20.96!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the Orginal price of JUST the JCREW shorts was $45.00!)

Leilla pumps via Pink & Pepper | Reed Krakoff Boxer tote via Neiman Marcus | Chiffon sleeve jacket, Neon resin spike necklace & Neon spike necklace via Minusey  | J Crew neon yellow shorts – similar here | Sandro silk top | Eye Me in blue bracelet via Tamara Noor 

Remember to Always Donate and Pay it Forward!

Jen and Pippa are virtual volunteers working to promote non-profit thrift stores in the Houston area.

Jen Meneely

Pippa Williams

Friday, August 16th, Houston FOX News, 8am Hour ~ Thrift Store Shopping Segment

Thrift Store Shopping with Natalie Bomke with FOX News

Thrift Store Shopping with Natalie Bomke with FOX News

Houston FOX News, August 16th, 8am Hour ~ Thrift Store Shopping Segment with Natalie Bomke

Thank you to the Charity Guild for letting us film in your lovely store!

Charity Guild of Catholic Women

1203 Lovett Boulevard  |  Houston, Texas 77006

Thrift Store Shopping Tips ... How to transform something old into a current style!

Thrift Store Shopping Tips … How to transform something old into a current style!


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