Romen L. McPherson is one busy actor.   Most notably known for “Parallel: Dimension Under Siege,” “The Candidate,” and “Dead Presidents Society,” Romen contacted us in desperate need for a wardrobe for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Romen told us he was quick to learn that with his growing fame, he is expected to wear something different for every event and every photograph opportunity.  A friend put us in contact with him, of course our first thought was to take him shopping at a Family Thrift Outlet, where everything is priced at only $2!

Here are a some pictures of him over the past few weeks.

On the set of "The Candidate" filming with Eric Roberts.

On the set of “The Candidate” filming with Eric Roberts.

Talking with Matt Bomer, from "White Collar" and "Magic Mike XXL"

Talking with Matt Bomer, from “White Collar” and “Magic Mike XXL”


"Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world's". Parallel The Series

“Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world’s”.
Parallel The Series

On set of "The Candidate" with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from "The Matrix".

On set of “The Candidate” with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from “The Matrix”.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

With director Don Okolo.

With director Don Okolo.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

Sundance 2017

Sundance 2017

Speaking to a group of students for "Career Day".

Speaking to a group of students for “Career Day”.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

When Romen arrived at the Almeda Family Thrift Outlet, we quickly assessed his style and his needs for the film festival.  Coming from Houston, he would definitely need to beef up his cold weather wardrobe for the frigid Utah winter climate.  We used a rugged Robert Redford style inspiration to get him outfitted.  To say that our shopping trip was a success is a huge understatement!  We found amazing suede and leather button up shirts that we used to layer over trend tees.  We were also able to score Romen some high-end walking length wool coats, as well as a fabulous vintage Pendleton coat.  For those more formal events, we also outfitted Romen with several sport coats and slacks.

Romen’s total spent for the day was less than $40 for an entire winter wardrobe!  Below are a few pictures from our day with Romen, as well as some shots of him rocking his new duds!

Break a leg Romen, you’re amazing and are going to be a huge star!


Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen McPherson.

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen L. McPherson.

romen mcpherson style

romen mcpherson





Jen and I collect Christmas sweaters all year long, the uglier the better!

Last year we came across these gorgeous Ralph Lauren Christmas sweaters and I thought it would make a beautiful pillow.

ugly christmas sweaters thrift store ralph lauren

I don’t sew so I asked my mom if she could make my sweater into a pillow for me, she agreed and said it was one of the easiest DIY projects she has done.  (sorry I don’t have step-by-step pictures)

  1. Cut a straight line 1.5″ above where you want the top of the pillow to be.
  2. Turn inside out and sew the top of the sweater together (where you just cut).
  3. Insert the pillow form.
  4. Sew the bottom hem of the sweater together.

I know,  just way too easy!

The back of the pillow is the back of the sweater.

diyugly christmas sweater thrift pillow


Jens and her husband rocking an ugly Christmas sweater party!



How can you resist a great big over-sized, comfy, cozy sweater!  They are back this season … you can find them on celebrities, magazines and all over social media!

This is definitely a must have for 2016/2017 and fortunately quite easy to find in most thrift stores, maybe even check out the men’s section.

Thrift Shop:

  • #1   SORIAL / New York leather Tote                             $2.00
  • #2   J.CREW oversized sweater                                        $2.00
  • #3   American Eagle distressed jeans                              $2.00
  • TOTAL:                                                                    $6.00

We found everything at Family Thrift Center OUTLET Store, where everything is priced at only $2!



“The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge!!!!!!!” Pantone Fall 2016 ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES Color Block Sweater Dress

This soft wool Anthropologie dress look great alone or layer it under a cozy sweater over it.

It features most of the fall 2016 pantone colors!  $2 Score!








  • Isabella Sinclair $148

Thrift Shop:

  • Dress   $2

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

We found this Dress at Family Thrift Center (OUTLET Store) for $2!

Do you use magazines, Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration?

Teacher style thrift wardrobe contest



In order to enter the contest, you will need to write a short paragraph letting us know why you would like to win.  We will choose one deserving winner (you can bring a friend) for a special shopping day with us at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store after hours.

How to Enter:  Fill out the form below.  Please do not leave a blog comment.  Entries will only be received via the contest form in this post.

When:   Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 from 11am-1pm (in Houston, TX … you are responsible for your own transportation)

Where:  Family Thrift Outlet, Houston, TX

Read HERE about our fun teacher shopping trip with Jade!


Plus we will share our hands on Thrifting Tips:

  1. Don’t try to put together an outfit or you will get frustrated.  Look for individual pieces and then try to build an outfit.
  2. Focus on dresses, jackets and skirts…this is where you normally get the most value for your money.
  3. Skip lower end brands such as Target, Forever 21 and Walmart.
  4. Pay attention to fabrics…avoid synthetics.   Look for natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool.
  5. You can usually find much better deals by “digging” rather than shopping from the boutique section of a thrift store.
  6. All thrift stores are not created equal.
  7. Look through Pinterest, magazines and fashion blogs to recreate trends.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, you can always find something you love!
  9. Pick an area of town and go to 3-4 thrift stores since they are often near each other.
  10. Hard Fast Rule:  NEVER pay more than 10% of retail price, we try to pay 5% or even less.
  11. Be open to finding anything!

Mexico thrift store style

After spending a few days in Mexico I had to share with you one of my favorite outfits that was 100% from thrift stores!  No, it did not happen in one trip, this was a collaboration of different thrift stores over the past 6 months.

  1. Goodwill,  hat $3.99
  2. Family Thrift Outlet,  blouse $2.00
  3. Cottage Thrift Shop, necklace $4.50  (check out our thrift shopping day we found amazing finds all over Houston)
  4. Goodwill,  woven clutch $3.99
  5. Family Thrift Outlet,  Jack Rogers sandals $2.00
  6. Family Thrift Outlet, Lucky Jeans $2.00

TOTAL:  $18.48

mexico sunset

In honor of Earth Day this year, we’ve teamed up with to let our readers know that not only is thrifting good for your wallet, it’s also great for the environment as well!

Schoola is an online thrift store that sells used clothing. What makes Schoola different from other thrift stores is the fact that Schoola donates 40% (!!!) of the proceeds of sold clothing to either the school of the clothing donator’s choice, or either to the Malala Fund. Folks, that is huge! Most companies that give back to charities give a small portion of the proceeds of sales to their chosen charities, but Schoola gives a whopping 40% to benefit children’s education. Very impressive.

To find out more about Schoola’s process, you can click here:

Since we were unfamiliar with Schoola’s concept, they graciously sent us a box of clothing to check out, along with some of their huge bags that they send donators to send in their clothes in. It really couldn’t be easier to donate your gently used clothing, plus you’ll be benefiting either your school or the Malala Fund . . . win/win!

Here’s a peek at what Schoola sent to us to check out.



We love receiving such carefully packaged items.  It felt like we were opening up a gift!

You can request two different types of donation bags from Schoola.  The first one is a bag that allows you to designate a school to receive the 40% donation.  Did we mention these bags are HUGE!  Also, the postage is already prepaid.  The only way donating could be any easier is if they actually came into your house and packed your stuff up for you!  To request a bag, go here:




The second type of bag you can request sends your donation proceeds to the Malala Fund.



Now, on to the clothes!  All of the items we received were in great used condition, with several of the pieces actually being new with tags still attached.  We received items for our daughters, as well as for ourselves.










Jen’s favorite piece with the gray and white striped Olivia Moon tank.  She paired it with white jeans and a jean jacket (which is always in style) since it was chilly outside.


So, to recap, we were very impressed with Schoola and can recommend them 100% based on our experience.

We challenge our readers to help reduce, reuse and recycle this Earth Day by gathering your gently used, unwanted clothing and donating them in order to reduce waste in our landfills.  Please, if there’s any life left in your clothing, don’t ever throw it in the trash.  There are so many people who can use it.  Also, of course, we encourage you to shop second hand rather than buying retail.  Go out and find some treasures and save the Earth at the same time!

Happy shopping and Happy Earth Day!


Just in time for Rodeo Houston, Family Thrift Center will be releasing a huge selection of cowboy boots this Friday, February 26th!


Family Thrift Center, 7553 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX  77036


9 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Friday, February 26th, 2016


Start at $9.99 and up.

This week we shot a TV segment showcasing cowboy boots, with ABC 13’s “Stretch Your Dollar” in the lobby of the gorgeous historic Lancaster Hotel.  The setting couldn’t have been more perfect!  We filmed in front of their huge mural of a horse named Phantom, who was photographed standing inside of their lobby in 1927!   Make sure you check out The Lancaster’s special Rodeo Packages and make a weekend out of your rodeo visit.  For more information, click HERE.

houston lancaster hotel

cowboy boots makeover thrift store

thrift store cowboy boots painted

cowboy boots painted thrift

pinterest painted cowboy boots ideas

This beautiful fringe leather purse we found at Family Thrift Outlet, for only $2, had a stain on the front that we could not get off.  Perfect solution was to paint right over the fabric!

thrift store makeover


family thrift splurge celebrity lace top

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

A lace tank adds texture and interest to any outfit!

Thrift Shop:

  • Anthropologie Lace Tank                       $2.00
  • TOTAL:                                                  $2.00

celebrity family thrift store style blogcelebrity family thrift store style lace tank

If you have any ideas for a “Thrift or Splurge” please leave a comment here or send an email, attach a link to the article,

at:  JenandPippa / @ / yahoo / dot / com

($2 items were found at Family Thrift OUTLET Stores, click HERE for locations)

More Thrift or Splurge posts:

Pink Peonies Outfit

White Puffer Vest

Lace Boho Top


12 items for a total of $24!


With the $25.00 Thrift Store Challenge, we set out to see what we could find at one of the Family Thrift OUTLET stores.  Since the entire store is priced at only $2.00, you feel like a kid in a candy store!  (Everything is only $2.00 on Thursdays, prices goes down $0.25 each day until they close on Wednesdays at noon to empty out all of the unsold merchandise and restock with all new inventory.)   You truly never know what you are going to find, and that my friend, is the most exciting thing about thrifting . . . some days we will find an abundance of amazing shoes, another trip will be all dresses, the next visit sweaters or just coats.   Of course there are even the days that we find nothing, absolutely not one thing!  On those rare days we don’t get frustrated and stop thrift shopping . . . no way!  We know there is always a good thrift haul just waiting right around the corner!

The thrift gods blessed us on this particular day, we found a huge haul of casual clothes, 12 items for only $24!!!!!!!

12 items for a total of $24!

12 items for a total of $24!

Utility Jacket $2:   Pair with skinny jeans or denim shorts, tennis shoes, or boots, and a striped or plaid tee. Add a scarf to complete the look.

family thrift store utility jacket

utility thrift store cargo cheap blog styleAsymmetrical sweater $2:  The diagonal hem of a top or pullover adds lots of visual interest.

family thrift store assymetrical sweater


Geo print sweater coat $2:  similar to this Free People version.

family thrift store geo sweater jacket

Trendy jeans $2: a must have for every wardrobe!

kut jeans thrift store family

Faux leather moto coat / sweatshirt sleeves $2:  This jacket combines the look of a leather jacket with a comfy sweatshirt.

kylie jenner thrift store shop challenge

Jersey tunic dress $2:  It’s the perfect not-too-tight, not-too-loose throw-on.  Pair with boots in cooler weather or sandals for summer.

anthropologie thrift store challenge dress

Blanket tweed / leather messenger bag $2: plenty of room for your iPad and everything else you haul around!

thrift store challenge

Tunic $2:  this is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces you can own!  Wear them with straight or skinny jeans, even shorts (no skirts).

anthropologie thrift store challenge

1/4 zip Brooks Brothers wool sweater $2:  don’t forget to shop the men’s section!  This sweater is the finishing touch to make your outfit looked pulled together.

brooks brothers thrift store challenge

White boho blouse by “Free People” $2:  pair with jeans, wear it to the office or throw over swimwear.

free people thrift store challenge

Heavy cotton boyfriend blazer with knit trim $2:  easy to pair with t-shirt and jeans or over a simple dress.

celebrity thrift store challenge

Chambray shirt $2:  a chambray shirt is a must have staple! This color shirt goes with everything.

casual weekend clothing thrift store challenge

As you can see from what we found, it is quite easy to recreate current trends that you see in magazines and on Pinterest!  We always start our shopping day sharing our list of what we are looking for with each other. Be intentional when thrifting and shop with a list of basic items that you need to update your wardrobe.

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Happy Thrifting!  Jen and Pippa

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