Kate Spade, Jack Rogers, Chloe, Ivanka Trump, Christian Lacroix, Minnetonkas, All Saints, Chacos and more . . . all priced at ONLY $2.00 each at a Family Thrift Center Outlet Store!  (located all over Texas and in Phoenix)

$2.00 each

$2.00 each

Kate Spade “Party” ballet flats $395.00

kate spade thrift store party shoe flat

Jack Rogers sandals retail $118.00

jack rogers sandals cheap thrift store blog shop

Ivanka Trump “Abello” flat for $135.00

thrift store shop blog cheapChacos “Yampa” for the serious adventurer, retails $105.00.

chacos thrift store shop blog cheap blondes houston

Minnetonka moccasins

cheap blondes thrift store shop blog minnetonka

Nine West leather riding boots  $178.95

nine west leather boots thrift store shop blog

We can’t leave out these amazing Christian Lacroix heels we found a few weeks ago that retailed for more than $500.00.

christian lacroix heels pippa jen thrift cheap houston shop

One of our fans recently shared with us her amazing shoes finds . . . Chloe flats and All Saints booties for only $1.75 each!  Check out her blog HERE.

The most impressive part of her finds is the fact that she found all of these on a Friday . . . there are close to 1,000 shoppers on a Thursday from, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., who have all passed over these fabulous finds at only $2.00 each.    Once again this proves to all thrifters that it is up to YOU to find the deals, they are there!

Chloe flats retail $495.00

chloe flats cheap celebrity thrift store shop

All Saints booties retail $360.00

all saints thrift store booties

Here is a price list for the Family Thrift OUTLET Stores:

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Tips on Sanitizing your Thrifted Shoes:

  • Spray the inside the shoes with antibacterial spray, such as Lysol or Clorox
  • Wipe the outside down with a cleansing wipe
  • Use liquid shoe polish for an amazing quick fix.
  • Place the shoes into an airtight plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight to kill fungus and eliminate odor.



“The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge”  “InStyle” MAGAZINE ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES Puffer Parka

This puffer parka coat we found for $2 in a thrift store looks quite “80’s” but wait …

LOOK at InStyle Magazine, September 2014 …it is perfectly on trend!

cheap thrift bloggers blog save

Walking into a thrift store with a current fashion magazine is honestly one of the best shopping days you will ever have!   It reminds me of being a teen-ager going on a scavenger hunt door-to-door … you never knew what you were going to find.  Ok, I know its not going to a beautiful store where everything is laid out perfectly, all coordinated by size and color but having a magazine will help give you guidance when looking for items … plus it is sooo much FUN to find a treasure for pennies on the dollar!

Wow … who knew these long, puffer jackets were so in style!  HUGE regrets that we left that jacket behind, we live in Houston so it is hard to think that we would ever be that cold.   Plus we have to live up to our name “Too Cheap Blondes”, seriously, we couldn’t spend $2 for that one cold day!

pippa style blog fashion

celebrity thrift store style

cheap puffer coats

abc fashion blogger pippa

instyle fashion blog cheap

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