Romen L. McPherson is one busy actor.   Most notably known for “Parallel: Dimension Under Siege,” “The Candidate,” and “Dead Presidents Society,” Romen contacted us in desperate need for a wardrobe for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Romen told us he was quick to learn that with his growing fame, he is expected to wear something different for every event and every photograph opportunity.  A friend put us in contact with him, of course our first thought was to take him shopping at a Family Thrift Outlet, where everything is priced at only $2!

Here are a some pictures of him over the past few weeks.

On the set of "The Candidate" filming with Eric Roberts.

On the set of “The Candidate” filming with Eric Roberts.

Talking with Matt Bomer, from "White Collar" and "Magic Mike XXL"

Talking with Matt Bomer, from “White Collar” and “Magic Mike XXL”


"Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world's". Parallel The Series

“Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world’s”.
Parallel The Series

On set of "The Candidate" with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from "The Matrix".

On set of “The Candidate” with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from “The Matrix”.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

With director Don Okolo.

With director Don Okolo.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

Sundance 2017

Sundance 2017

Speaking to a group of students for "Career Day".

Speaking to a group of students for “Career Day”.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

When Romen arrived at the Almeda Family Thrift Outlet, we quickly assessed his style and his needs for the film festival.  Coming from Houston, he would definitely need to beef up his cold weather wardrobe for the frigid Utah winter climate.  We used a rugged Robert Redford style inspiration to get him outfitted.  To say that our shopping trip was a success is a huge understatement!  We found amazing suede and leather button up shirts that we used to layer over trend tees.  We were also able to score Romen some high-end walking length wool coats, as well as a fabulous vintage Pendleton coat.  For those more formal events, we also outfitted Romen with several sport coats and slacks.

Romen’s total spent for the day was less than $40 for an entire winter wardrobe!  Below are a few pictures from our day with Romen, as well as some shots of him rocking his new duds!

Break a leg Romen, you’re amazing and are going to be a huge star!


Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen McPherson.

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen L. McPherson.

romen mcpherson style

romen mcpherson




We found this FABULOUS Halston Designer evening gown for $2 at a Houston Family Thrift Center Outlet store!!!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Nothing looks better on a woman than a well made dress!  We absolutely agree that although it might be hard to look past your environment when you are shopping a thrift store, with a little bit of vision, you can score some really amazing pieces.

celebrity thrift cheap stylist gown

Similar Halston Heritage Gown for $455 HERE

celebrity style cheap thrift stores designer

Many people are not cut out to shop in the outlet stores so we would like to share with you the types of amazing deals that are passed up on a regular basis in the Family Thrift Center retail stores.  The Halston dress we found in the Outlet was originally priced at $14.51 in the retail Family Thrift Center and then marked down to $7.57!  Since it still didn’t sell at $7.57, it was sent to the Outlet.  WOW!  We can’t even believe that this dressed wasn’t scooped up at the original $14.57 price!

thrift store designer clothes cheap

“Thrift stores are stuffed full of treasures, it is up to you to find them!”  -Too Cheap Blondes

To get more information about shopping at Family Thrift Center stores, click HERE.

thrift store shop style blog cheap

Last year we found this little vintage Ferragamo handbag at the Family Thrift Outlet store for $2.   The leather was in such poor condition we almost passed on it until we decided it was at least worth salvaging for the chain strap, which could be used as a belt or necklace.  CLICK HERE to read that blog post.

vintage ferragamo handbag necklace cheap

This week we attended the 2015 reNew and reDo Fashion Chairs Kickoff Party at Neiman Marcus, requiring a step up from our everyday attire.   Jen decided she was going to wear this red dress by “Pink Tartan”, she had found it at Goodwill for $9.99 (similar retails for $395 at Saks Fifth Avenue).  We couldn’t decide on what necklace she should wear, then she remembered that little red handbag.  She removed the chain from the back and put it around her neck.  We instantly knew it was a winner when we saw the gold platform shoes!   Of course, the handbag was also a perfect match with her dress!

thrift stylist pink tartan dress

Vintage Ferragamo purse $2.00 at Family Thrift Outlet ... similar being sold online for $450

Vintage Ferragamo purse $2.00 at Family Thrift Outlet … similar being sold online for $450

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One of the winners of our recent Sneak Preview Grand Opening shopping contest admitted that she was a complete novice thrift store shopper.   She was quite elated about winning the contest and having us help her shop for several reasons, #1 she has lost 85 pounds this past year, and #2 she recently lost her job.  Needing a new, smaller size wardrobe, but also staying within a very tight budget, she was anxious to learn how to shop at a thrift store.

Here is her amazing before and after photo!

before after thrift store makeover

We wanted to help her find clothes that she felt confident in, and that also showed off her new figure.   Knowing she was working with a limited income, we came up with a plan for some wardrobe basics, the building blocks, that she could mix and match and that would give her the most bang for her buck.

Our first tip was to decide what your style is and assess your environment.  What is your typical day like, does it require professional or casual dress, or are you a stay-at-home mom who needs more practical, yet still stylish clothing?

Wardrobe Basics that Everyone Needs

  • A great pair of jeans (both dark and white)
  • Crew-neck sweater
  • Cardigan sweater
  • Well-fitting blazer
  • Quality white tee shirt
  • Versatile dress in a solid color
  • White button-down blouse
  • Pencil skirt
  • Trench coat
Focus on your core wardrobe pieces, then build the rest of your wardrobe around that with fun, colorful, modern and less expensive items.
  • Find style inspiration with Pinterest or magazines
  • Come up with a color palette
  • Choose staple pieces that you can change throughout the season
  • Shop with a list of items that will help you expand your wardrobe
  • Look for quality pieces
  • Re-style your classic items
  • Add a statement piece of jewelry or a scarf to change it up
  • There are many options to save money while shopping: thrift stores, online trading sites, eBay, garage sales and closet exchanges are just a few

A great resource for thrift shopping is  The next time you want to find a new thrift store in your area, or anywhere else, just enter the zip code on  The site lists all of the stores in that area, complete with their hours, location, how to sign up for their mailing lists, and even reviews from other shoppers.

For more tips and tricks, check out our “11 Thrift Store Tips”.

Remember, this whole process takes time so have fun!

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With the Oscars happening tonight, glamorous gowns will be dominating the Internet as we examine who wore what.  In our opinion, nothing commands more attention than a red strapless gown…it screams Hollywood starlet!

We found this exquisite red gown by Victor Costa for Neiman Marcus this week while thrifting at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store for only $2.00!  We think this gown meets all the glamour requirements for the red carpet! 

  • Red…check
  • Stunning…check
  • High-end designer…check
  • Timeless…check
  • Train…check
  • Cheap…check (ooops, that is our requirement!)

celebrity cheap stylist

red carpet oscar gown thrift store

red carpet thrift store style

You can tell from all of these photos that a red gown is a favorite among celebrities!  CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of Oscar Fashion, Trends and Iconic Images.

 celebrity thrift store stylist

Harpers Bazaar “100 Best Red Carpet Dresses”  CLICK HERE

thrift store stylist

We can’t wait to see tonight’s fashions!

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tootsies set

Do you remember this AWFUL 2 piece outfit we thrifted a few weeks ago?  HERE

We so wish we would have a taken a picture of this top and skirt together so you could see how .. ummm .. unflattering and ugly it was worn together, most people would pass over it.  Recognizing the incredible quality of the silk, lace and the beadwork, we knew it was worth trying to salvage, we both immediately pulled out our phones, going directly to Pinterest (click Here to follow us) to see how to style it as separate pieces!   Priced at only $2.00 per item (at Family Thrift Outlet Store) we did not have too much to lose.

tootsies set

Pink Peonies was our inspiration for this skirt!

Pink Peonies was our inspiration for this skirt!

Jen had a charity event to attend in Houston and of course you can’t dress like you just walked out of a thrift store!  Well, I think we all must agree that she makes this skirt looks amazing, not too bad for $2.00!

This skirt is amazing worn as a separate!  $2.00 Family Thrift Outlet!

This skirt is amazing worn as a separate! $2.00 Family Thrift Outlet!

I can’t wait to see how she styles the top …

houston thrift cheap style  blog bloggers


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