Romen L. McPherson is one busy actor.   Most notably known for “Parallel: Dimension Under Siege,” “The Candidate,” and “Dead Presidents Society,” Romen contacted us in desperate need for a wardrobe for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Romen told us he was quick to learn that with his growing fame, he is expected to wear something different for every event and every photograph opportunity.  A friend put us in contact with him, of course our first thought was to take him shopping at a Family Thrift Outlet, where everything is priced at only $2!

Here are a some pictures of him over the past few weeks.

On the set of "The Candidate" filming with Eric Roberts.

On the set of “The Candidate” filming with Eric Roberts.

Talking with Matt Bomer, from "White Collar" and "Magic Mike XXL"

Talking with Matt Bomer, from “White Collar” and “Magic Mike XXL”


"Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world's". Parallel The Series

“Going to the edge of the earth to save 2 world’s”.
Parallel The Series

On set of "The Candidate" with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from "The Matrix".

On set of “The Candidate” with Anthony Ray Parker (DOZER) from “The Matrix”.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

Attending the Artist Project, at The Indie Lounge, at Sundance.

With director Don Okolo.

With director Don Okolo.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

Superbowl 2017 with Winslow Oliver, former Atlanta Falcons running back.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

With Carl Anthony Payne, from the Martin Lawrence show.

Sundance 2017

Sundance 2017

Speaking to a group of students for "Career Day".

Speaking to a group of students for “Career Day”.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

On the set of FOX with Isiah Carey.

When Romen arrived at the Almeda Family Thrift Outlet, we quickly assessed his style and his needs for the film festival.  Coming from Houston, he would definitely need to beef up his cold weather wardrobe for the frigid Utah winter climate.  We used a rugged Robert Redford style inspiration to get him outfitted.  To say that our shopping trip was a success is a huge understatement!  We found amazing suede and leather button up shirts that we used to layer over trend tees.  We were also able to score Romen some high-end walking length wool coats, as well as a fabulous vintage Pendleton coat.  For those more formal events, we also outfitted Romen with several sport coats and slacks.

Romen’s total spent for the day was less than $40 for an entire winter wardrobe!  Below are a few pictures from our day with Romen, as well as some shots of him rocking his new duds!

Break a leg Romen, you’re amazing and are going to be a huge star!


Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

Looking good in his light-weight packable down jacket!

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen McPherson.

$40 Thrift Challenge with Romen L. McPherson.

romen mcpherson style

romen mcpherson




Teacher style thrift wardrobe contest



In order to enter the contest, you will need to write a short paragraph letting us know why you would like to win.  We will choose one deserving winner (you can bring a friend) for a special shopping day with us at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store after hours.

How to Enter:  Fill out the form below.  Please do not leave a blog comment.  Entries will only be received via the contest form in this post.

When:   Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 from 11am-1pm (in Houston, TX … you are responsible for your own transportation)

Where:  Family Thrift Outlet, Houston, TX

Read HERE about our fun teacher shopping trip with Jade!


Plus we will share our hands on Thrifting Tips:

  1. Don’t try to put together an outfit or you will get frustrated.  Look for individual pieces and then try to build an outfit.
  2. Focus on dresses, jackets and skirts…this is where you normally get the most value for your money.
  3. Skip lower end brands such as Target, Forever 21 and Walmart.
  4. Pay attention to fabrics…avoid synthetics.   Look for natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool.
  5. You can usually find much better deals by “digging” rather than shopping from the boutique section of a thrift store.
  6. All thrift stores are not created equal.
  7. Look through Pinterest, magazines and fashion blogs to recreate trends.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, you can always find something you love!
  9. Pick an area of town and go to 3-4 thrift stores since they are often near each other.
  10. Hard Fast Rule:  NEVER pay more than 10% of retail price, we try to pay 5% or even less.
  11. Be open to finding anything!

Mexico thrift store style

After spending a few days in Mexico I had to share with you one of my favorite outfits that was 100% from thrift stores!  No, it did not happen in one trip, this was a collaboration of different thrift stores over the past 6 months.

  1. Goodwill,  hat $3.99
  2. Family Thrift Outlet,  blouse $2.00
  3. Cottage Thrift Shop, necklace $4.50  (check out our thrift shopping day we found amazing finds all over Houston)
  4. Goodwill,  woven clutch $3.99
  5. Family Thrift Outlet,  Jack Rogers sandals $2.00
  6. Family Thrift Outlet, Lucky Jeans $2.00

TOTAL:  $18.48

mexico sunset

12 items for a total of $24!


With the $25.00 Thrift Store Challenge, we set out to see what we could find at one of the Family Thrift OUTLET stores.  Since the entire store is priced at only $2.00, you feel like a kid in a candy store!  (Everything is only $2.00 on Thursdays, prices goes down $0.25 each day until they close on Wednesdays at noon to empty out all of the unsold merchandise and restock with all new inventory.)   You truly never know what you are going to find, and that my friend, is the most exciting thing about thrifting . . . some days we will find an abundance of amazing shoes, another trip will be all dresses, the next visit sweaters or just coats.   Of course there are even the days that we find nothing, absolutely not one thing!  On those rare days we don’t get frustrated and stop thrift shopping . . . no way!  We know there is always a good thrift haul just waiting right around the corner!

The thrift gods blessed us on this particular day, we found a huge haul of casual clothes, 12 items for only $24!!!!!!!

12 items for a total of $24!

12 items for a total of $24!

Utility Jacket $2:   Pair with skinny jeans or denim shorts, tennis shoes, or boots, and a striped or plaid tee. Add a scarf to complete the look.

family thrift store utility jacket

utility thrift store cargo cheap blog styleAsymmetrical sweater $2:  The diagonal hem of a top or pullover adds lots of visual interest.

family thrift store assymetrical sweater


Geo print sweater coat $2:  similar to this Free People version.

family thrift store geo sweater jacket

Trendy jeans $2: a must have for every wardrobe!

kut jeans thrift store family

Faux leather moto coat / sweatshirt sleeves $2:  This jacket combines the look of a leather jacket with a comfy sweatshirt.

kylie jenner thrift store shop challenge

Jersey tunic dress $2:  It’s the perfect not-too-tight, not-too-loose throw-on.  Pair with boots in cooler weather or sandals for summer.

anthropologie thrift store challenge dress

Blanket tweed / leather messenger bag $2: plenty of room for your iPad and everything else you haul around!

thrift store challenge

Tunic $2:  this is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces you can own!  Wear them with straight or skinny jeans, even shorts (no skirts).

anthropologie thrift store challenge

1/4 zip Brooks Brothers wool sweater $2:  don’t forget to shop the men’s section!  This sweater is the finishing touch to make your outfit looked pulled together.

brooks brothers thrift store challenge

White boho blouse by “Free People” $2:  pair with jeans, wear it to the office or throw over swimwear.

free people thrift store challenge

Heavy cotton boyfriend blazer with knit trim $2:  easy to pair with t-shirt and jeans or over a simple dress.

celebrity thrift store challenge

Chambray shirt $2:  a chambray shirt is a must have staple! This color shirt goes with everything.

casual weekend clothing thrift store challenge

As you can see from what we found, it is quite easy to recreate current trends that you see in magazines and on Pinterest!  We always start our shopping day sharing our list of what we are looking for with each other. Be intentional when thrifting and shop with a list of basic items that you need to update your wardrobe.

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Happy Thrifting!  Jen and Pippa

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weekend wear thrift outfit

“The THRIFT SHOP Challenge” Comfy $596.50

Weekend Outfit ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES $8.00

Create a comfy cozy weekend casual look for pennies on the dollar by shopping at thrift stores!  Choose one or two things you love and feel really excited to wear, build your outfit from there.

  • J.CREW plaid shirt   (retail $69.50)  thrift $2.00
  • BLARNEY hand knit sweater  (retail $299)   thrift $2.00
  • “7 for all mankind”  dark dusk indigo jeans    (retail $158)    thrift $2.00
  • CHOOKA rubber rain boots  (retail $70)   thrift $2.00

(Total Retail $596.50)    thrift store $8.00

weekend wear thrift outfit

Shop for basic pieces that are versatile enough to wear with several different outfits.  Of course a fabulous pair of denim jeans, such as these $158 “7 for all mankind” jeans, are perfect year round!

7 for mankind denim jeans

Do not skip over the men’s department, that is where we found this J.CREW plaid shirt.

shop thrift store jcrew

Here are a few more options of how you can wear a plaid shirt!

flannel shirt collage

A fisherman’s sweater looks so comfortable and warm for the winter.  I am not sure if you can justify a $299 purchase on something you will only wear a few times each year … this is exactly why we LOVE shopping at thrift stores!  You can try that occasional look for pennies on the dollar.

hand knit fisherman sweter thrift store shop

Start with determining your style!  Sometimes that is hard to do but if you go through Pinterest you can create look books, pin pictures of what you like to your own personal style board.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • What colors look best on you?
  • What shapes flatter your body?
  • What fits your lifestyle?

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We found all these clothes for only $2 at Family Thrift Center OUTLET stores, every Thursday each outlet opens a brand new store with all items priced at only $2 each!

(outlet stores are located in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Phoenix)

Read about a few of our past contest winners:

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“Teacher Style Thrift Tips” Expand your Wardrobe on a Budget Overview

Creating a Plus Size Wardrobe on a Budget ~ Private Shopping Contest Winner!

Houston-Area Constable Wins Thrift Store Shopping Spree with Too Cheap Blondes!

A Day with the Winners of the Family Thrift Center Outlet “Sneak Preview Grand Opening”

Houston MD Anderson Cancer Patient is 1 year clean!  Lets celebrate and thrift!




We had a last minute cancellation with one of our recent contest winners and, looking through the entries, one story stood out.  Candyce was starting her career as an Academic Director and needed a mature, professional look.  We thought this was quite appropriate, considering it was in August, right before school was going to start and teacher style is our #1 request.

Candyce was so bubbly and enthusiastic about life, I knew the second I met her that she would be fun to shop with!   As we started shopping, she kept saying things weren’t her style UNTIL I started showing her similar outfits on Pinterest.  Then she started getting really excited about all of the possibilities!   She decided that she loves sun dresses, cardigans, leggings and longer, loose blouses.

Here is a picture of her talking about everything that we found and how we used these photo’s for inspiration!

thrift store wardrobe style fashion lookbook pinterest

family thrift contest school teacher wardrobe

thrift store teacher style

teacher style family thrift store shop blog style teacher

To top it off we found this pair of COACH blue flats in excellent condition, these retail for $150+.

family thrift store outlet shop blue coach ballet flat shoes

Candyce has her own blog and here she shares part of her story.  It was meant to be to shop with her!

“Ok so here’s how it all happened. About a month ago I was talking to one of my best friends Ramona about revamping and maturing my look. I stated that I need to start dressing like an almost 30 year old Academic Director. She told me that I have a unique style and that I should still embrace it but enhance it with matured pieces. So I said you’re right and I pray that I could get help from someone to find those pieces to complete my matured look. On my phone when you go to google search it will post random post from sites that you have visited before. So last Monday I saw a post from Too Cheap Blondes about a contest that they were having and to submit a small paragraph stating why you should win. I stated that I need help maturing my look and how much I respect and love what they do etc.. I wrote it down on my Tuesday to-do list and sent it off with a prayer Tuesday morning. A couple of hours later, I received a text from Pippa asking if I could meet her to shop with her. So after I stopped screaming with excitement I texted her back saying yes ma’am! I thought it was a joke at first LOL! So on Wednesday morning, still clueless that I won the contest, I woke up energized and excited to receive help shopping. God always supplies your needs and desires that He sees fit to bless you with when you are doing your part. He will bless you in abundance!

I am beyond grateful and thankful to Pippa, Michelle and Jennifer that gave their time to help me out and for others as well. You ladies really touched my heart ♡! It wasn’t until the very end that I realized that I won the contest, I thought that she was just going to give me some shopping pointers and help select outfits for me to purchase. Pippa selected dresses and other items that I would of never took the time to look at because it wasn’t my “normal” style. I thought about how God does the same thing with us when He designed and created us for our purpose. Many times we “look past” things that we think don’t fit our feelings and way of life and end up missing out on those hidden treasures that God created just for us. Pippa found a nice pair of Coach shoes that were my size and I would of never found them if it hadn’t been for her. The funny part about those shoes was I passed right by them and they were right in front of my face the whole time. ” 

To read her entire article on her blog click HERE.

family thrift contest outlet cheap blondes school

(Jen was out of town that week and wasn’t able to make it)

The comfy, cozy plaid shirt is one of fall’s must have trends!  Why not try this look out for a mere $2.00 investment.   Shopping at the Family Thrift OUTLET Stores (Houston & Phoenix) where everything is priced at only $2.00, is the perfect place to look for plaid shirts.

"Free People" and "All Star" plaid shirts for $2.00

“Free People” and “All Star” plaid shirts for $2.00

celebrity plaid shirt thrift store style cheap blog blondes

Even our “Back-to-School” shopper loved this trend!

(btw, her complete outfit was only $6!  POLO button down shirt, jeans and leather boots!)


back to school thrift store style plaid shirt

Houston Family Thrift Center Stores HERE

Phoenix Family Thrift Store HERE,   (our review of the Phoenix store)

  • Thursday Everything in the Store $2.00   each item
  • Friday Everything in the Store $1.75   each item
  • Saturday Everything in the Store $1.50   each item
  • Sunday Everything in the Store $1.25   each item
  • Monday Everything in the Store $1.00   each item
  • Tuesday Everything in the Store $  .50¢ each item
  • Wednesday Everything in the Store $  .25¢ each item

houston thrift store contest winner


We have chosen the winner of the U.S. Thrift Store Shopping Contest with Jen and Pippa , virtual Family Thrift Center Outlet shopping trip … Janine P, of the windy city of Chicago!

We read each and every one of your entries and you made it so hard to choose!  Your stories were amazing,  many were about overcoming adversity, some in the middle of a crisis, a few health challenges, some of you entered for a friend, others wanted to learn about fashion and a lot of you just wanted to have us thrift shop for you.   We will definitely be working on a story about helping people get out of the yoga pant rut, this was the number one dilemma we heard from you.

Congratulations Janine P!  We can’t wait to see your style board on Pinterest and start shopping for you!  We will keep you posted on this virtual shopping trip and stay tuned for the next contest.

thrift store contest winner blog cheap houston

One of our most frequent requests from our readers is asking for the opportunity to thrift shop with us.  We recently started teaming up with Family Thrift OUTLET stores to do private shopping contests.  This month, we chose our first male winner and he certainly found some amazing $2.00 deals!

  • Burberry sweater  (retailed $459)
  • Burberry plaid shirt (retailed $295)
  • Neiman Marcus leather jacket (retail prices start at $595)
Burberry sweater found for $2 at Houston Thrift Store

Burberry sweater found for $2 at Houston Thrift Store

Plaid Burberry shirt and leather Neiman Marcus jacket both found for $2 each at Houston Thrift OUTLET Store.

Plaid Burberry shirt and leather Neiman Marcus jacket both found for $2 each at a Houston Family Thrift OUTLET store.

With just the first three items we are well over $1,000, plus he found all of the following name brands:

  • J. Crew shirts and shorts
  • Nordstrom
  • Banana Republic
  • OBEY t-shirt
  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Tommy Hilfiger
Shea's thrift haul!

Shea’s thrift haul!

Family Thrift OUTLET stores sell all of their items on Thursday for just $2, then they are marked down each day until Wednesday, when everything is priced at only .25!   It truly is a treasure hunt each week, you never know what you are going to find.

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

You will love his enthusiasm and what he found in this YouTube video:

We post something new every day on Facebook so be sure and follow us!

Check out all of our thrift store finds on our YouTube channel.



You know how we love to share with you all the thrifty places to shop in Houston and Epic Thrift Store is a new store that just opened up in the 1960/I-45 area.   We happened to drop by on a day when everything was 50% off everything in the store, so the tags you see were half of that amount!

Epic Thrift Store
310 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77090

HERE is a link to their website.

Epic Thrift  310 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77090

Epic Thrift
310 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77090

Here are a few of the things we found:

JCREW cardigan

JCREW cardigan

Eddie Bauer leather  and shearling vest, retailed $299

Eddie Bauer leather and shearling vest, retailed $299

Cashmere Overcoat

Cashmere Overcoat

Ralph Lauren reversible vest

Ralph Lauren reversible vest

Calvin Klein riding boots

Calvin Klein riding boots

Free People Sweater

Free People Sweater

Anthropologie cashmere, angora sweater

Anthropologie cashmere, angora sweater

Anthropologie sweater

Anthropologie sweater

One of our thrift store followers sent us this picture of a raccoon fur coat he found for $69.99 and with the 50% discount he got it for $35.   He had it appraised at Sakowitz Furs here in Houston, it was valued at $7000.

Raccoon Fur Coat was $69.99 (50% off made it $35)

Raccoon Fur Coat was $69.99 (50% off made it $35)


Epic Thrift Store

Epic Thrift Store

houston epic thrift store

Here is a schedule of their weekly sales.

Here is a schedule of their weekly sales.