Jen and I collect Christmas sweaters all year long, the uglier the better!

Last year we came across these gorgeous Ralph Lauren Christmas sweaters and I thought it would make a beautiful pillow.

ugly christmas sweaters thrift store ralph lauren

I don’t sew so I asked my mom if she could make my sweater into a pillow for me, she agreed and said it was one of the easiest DIY projects she has done.  (sorry I don’t have step-by-step pictures)

  1. Cut a straight line 1.5″ above where you want the top of the pillow to be.
  2. Turn inside out and sew the top of the sweater together (where you just cut).
  3. Insert the pillow form.
  4. Sew the bottom hem of the sweater together.

I know,  just way too easy!

The back of the pillow is the back of the sweater.

diyugly christmas sweater thrift pillow


Jens and her husband rocking an ugly Christmas sweater party!



“The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge!!!!!!!” Pantone Fall 2016 ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES Color Block Sweater Dress

This soft wool Anthropologie dress look great alone or layer it under a cozy sweater over it.

It features most of the fall 2016 pantone colors!  $2 Score!








  • Isabella Sinclair $148

Thrift Shop:

  • Dress   $2

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

We found this Dress at Family Thrift Center (OUTLET Store) for $2!

Do you use magazines, Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration?

Mexico thrift store style

After spending a few days in Mexico I had to share with you one of my favorite outfits that was 100% from thrift stores!  No, it did not happen in one trip, this was a collaboration of different thrift stores over the past 6 months.

  1. Goodwill,  hat $3.99
  2. Family Thrift Outlet,  blouse $2.00
  3. Cottage Thrift Shop, necklace $4.50  (check out our thrift shopping day we found amazing finds all over Houston)
  4. Goodwill,  woven clutch $3.99
  5. Family Thrift Outlet,  Jack Rogers sandals $2.00
  6. Family Thrift Outlet, Lucky Jeans $2.00

TOTAL:  $18.48

mexico sunset

thrift splurge denim hoodie cheap

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

The denim hoodie is a cool, easy to add casual sportswear piece to create a tomboy edge to your look.

Thrift Shop:

  • Denim Hoodie                       $2.00
  • TOTAL:                               $2.00

thrift denim hoodie splurge blog splurge thrift blog denim hoodie cheap celebrity

If you have any ideas for a “Thrift or Splurge” please leave a comment here or send an email, attach a link to the article,

at:  JenandPippa / @ / yahoo / dot / com

($2 items were found at Family Thrift OUTLET Stores, click HERE for locations)

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thrift or splurge puffer vest

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

Vests are a simple way to add some style to any outfit and still be warm.  They can be worn with anything from t-shirts to plaid shirts, riding boots to converse or trainers.  Add a scarf for an extra layer.

Thrift Shop:

  • JCREW puffer vest              $2.00
  • TOTAL:                              $2.00


down puffer vest thrift

celebrity puffer vest

If you have any ideas for a “Thrift or Splurge” please leave a comment here or send an email, attach a link to the article,

at:  JenandPippa / @ / yahoo / dot / com

($2 items were found at Family Thrift OUTLET Stores, click HERE for locations)

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weekend wear thrift outfit

“The THRIFT SHOP Challenge” Comfy $596.50

Weekend Outfit ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES $8.00

Create a comfy cozy weekend casual look for pennies on the dollar by shopping at thrift stores!  Choose one or two things you love and feel really excited to wear, build your outfit from there.

  • J.CREW plaid shirt   (retail $69.50)  thrift $2.00
  • BLARNEY hand knit sweater  (retail $299)   thrift $2.00
  • “7 for all mankind”  dark dusk indigo jeans    (retail $158)    thrift $2.00
  • CHOOKA rubber rain boots  (retail $70)   thrift $2.00

(Total Retail $596.50)    thrift store $8.00

weekend wear thrift outfit

Shop for basic pieces that are versatile enough to wear with several different outfits.  Of course a fabulous pair of denim jeans, such as these $158 “7 for all mankind” jeans, are perfect year round!

7 for mankind denim jeans

Do not skip over the men’s department, that is where we found this J.CREW plaid shirt.

shop thrift store jcrew

Here are a few more options of how you can wear a plaid shirt!

flannel shirt collage

A fisherman’s sweater looks so comfortable and warm for the winter.  I am not sure if you can justify a $299 purchase on something you will only wear a few times each year … this is exactly why we LOVE shopping at thrift stores!  You can try that occasional look for pennies on the dollar.

hand knit fisherman sweter thrift store shop

Start with determining your style!  Sometimes that is hard to do but if you go through Pinterest you can create look books, pin pictures of what you like to your own personal style board.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • What colors look best on you?
  • What shapes flatter your body?
  • What fits your lifestyle?

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We found all these clothes for only $2 at Family Thrift Center OUTLET stores, every Thursday each outlet opens a brand new store with all items priced at only $2 each!

(outlet stores are located in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Phoenix)

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Houston MD Anderson Cancer Patient is 1 year clean!  Lets celebrate and thrift!




longchamp tips fake vs real

In our latest thrift haul, we discovered seven Longchamp bags . . .  yes seven!  This is a first!

(Oh, and BTW, they were only $2.00 each at a Family Thrift OUTLET store!)

Now, we are not claiming to be experts, but with seven different Longchamp bags we knew that we had an opportunity to compare the bags and train ourselves to find the fakes.

First off, all of the bags had leather trim, properly stamped Longchamp hardware, and the frosted plastic tags inside.  At first glance, there were no obvious fakes.  None of the bags had the typical calling card of replicas, such as poor stitching, cheap fabric, misspellings, etc.

Here are some of the ways that you can determine whether your Longchamp bag is authentic:

  • Authentic bags have defined diamond patterns on the leather, the fakes often have a fish-scale pattern.
  • Authentic bags have no plastic tubes or cording in the handles, they are perfectly flat folded leather.  The high quality leather gives the handles their stiff shape while the replicas require a stiff cording in order to get their inferior quality materials to stand up and take form.
  • Authentic bags have a snap that is reinforced with a clear plastic disc.  Foldable Pliages have snaps near the bottom also.  Many of the fakes will be missing this detail.
  • Authentic bags are made of a matte finish fabric that barely reflects light.

Since the authentic bags were not all the same, this really was a fantastic hands on teaching session!   Also, we found that just because your Longchamp’s tag says Made in China, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fake.  Longchamp bags are made in France, China and Tunisia.

Enjoy this video as Jen explains the difference between the real and fake Longchamp bags!


thrift or splurge

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

Here is some outfit inspiration from one of our favorite bloggers Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.

Thrift Shop:

  • JCREW blouse                     $2.00
  • Ebay bubble necklace          $7.99
  • Tory Burch Clutch                $2.00
  • Seven skinny jeans              $2.00
  • TOTAL:                              $13.99

If you have any ideas for a “Thrift or Splurge” please leave a comment here or send an email, attach a link to the article,

at:  JenandPippa / @ / yahoo / dot / com

($2 items were found at Family Thrift OUTLET Stores, click HERE for locations)

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kylie jenner thrift store shop challenge

How would you like a chance to win a Private Thrift Shopping Trip with Jen and Pippa?

We would love for one of our special readers to join us on a private shopping trip!   We will be teaming up with Family Thrift Center Outlet stores to bring you a private Shopping Contest of all new inventory!  We will be picking the winner Sunday night, January 31st and you must be available Wednesday, Feb 3rd, in Houston.

Jen Pippa shopping contest houston

We are so excited to offer you this opportunity to shop with us at a Family Thrift Outlet Store, where everything is priced at only $2, with NO CROWDS!

12 items for a total of $24!

12 items for a total of $24!

In order to enter the contest, you will need to write a short paragraph letting us know why you would like to win.  We will choose one deserving winner (you can bring a friend) for a special shopping day with us at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store after hours.

thrift store contest winner blog cheap houston

houston thrift store cheap makeover contest shopping spree winnerteachers wardrobe family thrift store budget tips

How to Enter:  Fill out the form below.  Please do not leave a blog comment.  Entries will only be received via the contest form in this post.

When:   Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., February 3rd, 2016

Where:  A Family Thrift Outlet store located in Houston, TX (we’ll let you know the details once you’re chosen).

Contest rules:

1. One submission per person.

2. Must be willing to meet at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store location in Houston of Too Cheap Blondes’ choosing.  You are responsible for your own transportation.

3. Must agree to having your picture and story made available on Too Cheap Blondes’ website, social media and any form of media that may arise.

4. Winner receives a donated wardrobe of clothing (no more than 20 pieces) from a Family Thrift Center Outlet store.  No substitutions or cash value.

Here are a few past articles of shopping with our contest winners!

too cheap vs instyle

Imagine creating a complete outfit from InStyle magazine’s “your LOOK” section for only $8 by shopping at a thrift store!

instyle magazine "your look" thrift store blog style

This month InStyle Magazine featured oversize sweaters paired with dressy flats.  They suggest that with everyone’s hectic schedule – work, family, life – it makes getting dressed up a seem like a chore.  An easy solution is the comfortable, easy, yet luxe knit sweater and some dressy flats.  To complete your look, pair with a beaded skirt or cigarette pants.

To recreate the look, we started with a chunky knit wool/cashmere blend sweater by Zhen Pai (made in Italy), chose a dark wash skinny denim by Paige Premium Denim Jeans and a pointy toe dressy flat by BCBGeneration, and finished the look with a vintage snakeskin clutch.

thrift store shopping blog


Thrift Shop:

  • Wool/Cashmere sweater    $ 2.00
  • Paige Premium Denim Jeans   $2.00
  • Vintage snakeskin clutch   $2.00
  • BCBGeneration pointy flats    $2.00
  • TOTAL:      $8.00

We purchased all of these basic wardrobe items over the past year, not at the same time, at Family Thrift Center OUTLET stores (where everything is priced at only $2.00 every Thursday)!

The Outlet stores are located in Texas & MissouriAlso in Phoenix, AZ.

thrift store outfit style blog cheap

instyle your look chunky sweater

instyle magazine chunky sweater dressy flat