Jen and I collect Christmas sweaters all year long, the uglier the better!

Last year we came across these gorgeous Ralph Lauren Christmas sweaters and I thought it would make a beautiful pillow.

ugly christmas sweaters thrift store ralph lauren

I don’t sew so I asked my mom if she could make my sweater into a pillow for me, she agreed and said it was one of the easiest DIY projects she has done.  (sorry I don’t have step-by-step pictures)

  1. Cut a straight line 1.5″ above where you want the top of the pillow to be.
  2. Turn inside out and sew the top of the sweater together (where you just cut).
  3. Insert the pillow form.
  4. Sew the bottom hem of the sweater together.

I know,  just way too easy!

The back of the pillow is the back of the sweater.

diyugly christmas sweater thrift pillow


Jens and her husband rocking an ugly Christmas sweater party!