Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took the "Week of Thrift Store Dress Challenge"


Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took the "Week of Thrift Store Dress Challenge"

Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took a one week “Thrift Store Dress Challenge”

This TV anchor, Michelle Merhar, of FOX 26’s morning show, issued a challenge to dress from a thrift store for $10 for an entire week!  Shopping at Family Thrift Center OUTLET stores, we were able to find each one of these dresses for only $2.

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Being a TV anchor, you are required to look amazing every single day, and that’s not easy or inexpensive! People shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but they do. Adding to the pressure, the dresses need to be the right colors to compliment their skin tone, not conflict with the green screen, and be pattern-free . . . finding a dress with all of these characteristics is not always an easy task.

We found her name brands such as J. Crew, BCBG and Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Click HERE to view the original challenge she gave us!

All of the dresses in the above photo are silk or cotton, or a blend, there’s not a synthetic fabric amongst them . . . and it shows in how the dresses drape on her. You can immediately tell these weren’t cheap dresses. Don’t ever confuse shopping at a thrift store with shopping cheap . . . you just are paying less for high quality clothes. Shopping thrift is shopping smart.

After her week of wearing thrift store dresses Michelle shared with us a few of her thoughts about this experience.

“I never really shopped thrift before this experiment, but now I will!!”

“I was shocked at how nice the quality was on the dresses. Seems like they were barely worn or really well cared for. Wearing those dresses was empowering – made me happy that I didn’t have to spend a lot to feel “put together” it was inspiring … Made me go home and see what I could “replace” and try to help someone else by donating what I’m not wearing. It was fun…like a treasure hunt.”

“Oh and don’t be surprised if you have to spend a little “fixing” it so it fits better or to have it cleaned correctly. It’s worth it”

Michelle received 100% supportive comments from viewers:

“That’s what makes you awesome! You are really down to earth. Just a breath of fresh air in these designer crazy days! Job well done! You look marvelous my dear”

“Not many in the TV industry would broadcast that they thrift shop. This is awesome. Your girls have good taste. Thanks for keeping it real and classy!!!“

“I imagine when you are in this type of industry (on tv) almost everyday you feel the pressure of having an extensive wardrobe. Being a smart shopper is a must!“

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