Every so often we do a “Thrift Shopping Contest with Jen & Pippa” here in Houston.  Of course, our readers from all over the U.S. feel super left out and we keep hearing, “We wish we could shop with you!”  So, we came up with this great idea of doing a virtual shopping contest.  Great in theory, but there were a few challenges.  First, it is hard to shop for someone when you have never met them and that is why we asked our winner from Chicago to create a “Pinterest Look Book” so we would have clear direction as to what her tastes were.  Second, our winner was plus size, and the options for plus sized, stylish clothing are somewhat limited.  After working on this project for many weeks, and receiving positive feedback from our winner, we can definitely see that this proves that shopping with inspiration and a clear sense of your fashion needs is an effective way to shop!

BTW, we shopped at the Family Thrift OUTLET stores and we found everything for only $2.00 each!

Our winner’s inspiration Pinterest photo is on the left side in each of these pictures and our thrift store best match is next to it.

family thrift store virtual shopping contest

thrift store shopping style fashion pinterest blog cheap

thrift store shopping fashion style blog cheap

thrift store shopping houston cheap style blog

denim shirt pinterest recreation cheap blog

cheap thrift store shop blog

Keeping with the winner’s preference of longer blouses, leggings and boots, we found all of these basic tops to increase her wardrobe!

basic wardrobe thrift shop clothes cheap blog

A note from our winner, Janine P.:

“As the “Thrift Shopping Contest with Jen and Pippa” winner I was extremely excited from the beginning. I also knew there would be some challenges which these ladies overcame with great fashion….no pun intended. It was not just about being a plus size but really having “folks” shop for you that have never met you before. I would suggest for anyone to have a “look book” of all the possible items you want to find in the thrift store.

I am getting my contest winnings ready to go to the dry cleaners. After this experience with Jen and Pippa I am going to create a separate Pinterest board of all the items I am still looking for in the thrift stores. As I have decided it might take some time but it is worth the time. I believe it is not about the quantity you acquire while thrift shopping, however, the quality pieces.

Thank you Jen and Pippa your efforts were steller and I hope to meet you someday, the next time I am in Houston. Soon…if the ladies will let me…I will be sending in some photos of me wearing the wonderful items they picked from the heart.

Take care and happy shopping everyone.

Janine P-Chicago, Illinois”








A big thank you to Family Thrift Stores for working with us on this project!

There are Family Thrift OUTLET stores in both Houston and Phoenix.


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