This couple’s Katy Perry and Riff Raff costume (from the 2014 VMA’s) was hands-down the most creative at Jen’s Halloween party last year!  They put the entire ensemble together from denim pieces they found in thrift stores.

This entire DIY look was created by shopping at thrift stores!

This entire DIY look was created by shopping at thrift stores!

The real Riff Raff and Katy Perry at the 2014 VMAs.

thrift store diy halloween costume katy perry riff raff

Most thrift stores have a large selection of denim that is great for costumes!  San Antonio Goodwill Stores sell jeans for only $4.99 each!

We found rows and rows of denim at San Antonio Goodwill store are only $4.99 each!

We found rows and rows of denim at a San Antonio Goodwill store for only $4.99 each!


This costume was definitely a job for the “Bedazzler,” which you can find at any Michaels Craft Store.

michaels craft store bedazzler thrift store shop halloween costume blog cheap


Tips for putting together the Best DIY Halloween Costume from the thrift store:

  • Don’t pay over of 10% of retail (we didn’t spend over $10 on any of our clothing!).

  • Look for higher end luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvets, and brocades.

  • Shop with several themes in mind.

  • Find a dress or article of clothing you really like, do a search on your phone for costume ideas.

  • Think outside the box …

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A great resource for thrift shopping is  The next time you want to find a new thrift store in your area, or anywhere else, just enter the zip code on  The site lists all of the stores in that area, complete with their hours, location, how to sign up for their mailing lists, and even reviews from other shoppers.

For more tips and tricks, check out our “11 Thrift Store Tips”.

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Remember, this whole process takes time so have fun … Happy Thrifting from Jen and Pippa!