Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took the "Week of Thrift Store Dress Challenge"


Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took the "Week of Thrift Store Dress Challenge"

Michelle Merhar, of FOX26, recently took a one week “Thrift Store Dress Challenge”

This TV anchor, Michelle Merhar, of FOX 26’s morning show, issued a challenge to dress from a thrift store for $10 for an entire week!  Shopping at Family Thrift Center OUTLET stores, we were able to find each one of these dresses for only $2.

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Being a TV anchor, you are required to look amazing every single day, and that’s not easy or inexpensive! People shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but they do. Adding to the pressure, the dresses need to be the right colors to compliment their skin tone, not conflict with the green screen, and be pattern-free . . . finding a dress with all of these characteristics is not always an easy task.

We found her name brands such as J. Crew, BCBG and Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Click HERE to view the original challenge she gave us!

All of the dresses in the above photo are silk or cotton, or a blend, there’s not a synthetic fabric amongst them . . . and it shows in how the dresses drape on her. You can immediately tell these weren’t cheap dresses. Don’t ever confuse shopping at a thrift store with shopping cheap . . . you just are paying less for high quality clothes. Shopping thrift is shopping smart.

After her week of wearing thrift store dresses Michelle shared with us a few of her thoughts about this experience.

“I never really shopped thrift before this experiment, but now I will!!”

“I was shocked at how nice the quality was on the dresses. Seems like they were barely worn or really well cared for. Wearing those dresses was empowering – made me happy that I didn’t have to spend a lot to feel “put together” it was inspiring … Made me go home and see what I could “replace” and try to help someone else by donating what I’m not wearing. It was fun…like a treasure hunt.”

“Oh and don’t be surprised if you have to spend a little “fixing” it so it fits better or to have it cleaned correctly. It’s worth it”

Michelle received 100% supportive comments from viewers:

“That’s what makes you awesome! You are really down to earth. Just a breath of fresh air in these designer crazy days! Job well done! You look marvelous my dear”

“Not many in the TV industry would broadcast that they thrift shop. This is awesome. Your girls have good taste. Thanks for keeping it real and classy!!!“

“I imagine when you are in this type of industry (on tv) almost everyday you feel the pressure of having an extensive wardrobe. Being a smart shopper is a must!“

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Here is a list of our Favorite Thrift Stores in Houston!





Private Shopping Contest with Jen & Pippa at a Family Thrift Center Outlet Store

fox thrift dress anchor traffic michelle merhar

This past week Michelle Merhar, traffic reporter with FOX 26, accepted a challenge to wear a $2 thrift store dress every day on air, WOW!  She received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone!   We know a lot of you expressed interest in joining us for a shopping trip so we decided to team up with Family Thrift Center Outlet stores to bring you a $2 Shopping Contest!


Jen Pippa shopping contest houston

How would you like a chance to win a Private Shopping Trip with Jen and Pippa?

We are so excited to offer you this opportunity to shop with us at a Family Thrift Outlet Store, where everything is priced at only $2, with NO CROWDS!

In order to enter the contest, you will need to write a short paragraph letting us know why you would like to win.  We will choose one deserving winner (you can bring a friend) for a special shopping day with us at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store after hours.


How to Enter:  Fill out the form below.  Please do not leave a blog comment.  Entries will only be received via the contest form in this post.

When:   Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.May 6th, 2015

Where:  A Family Thrift Outlet store located in Houston, TX (we’ll let you know the details once you’re chosen).

The Rules

All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. on May 3rd, 2015.

We will choose and notify a lucky winner via e-mail on May 4th, 2015.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond to winning notification.  Failure to respond will result in a forfeiture and a new winner will be chosen.

Contest rules:

1. One submission per person.

2. Must be willing to meet at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store location in Houston of Too Cheap Blondes’ choosing.  You are responsible for your own transportation.

3. Must agree to having your picture and story made available on Too Cheap Blondes’ website, social media and any form of media that may arise.

4. Winner receives a donated wardrobe of clothing (no more than 20 pieces) from a Family Thrift Center Outlet store.  No substitutions or cash value.

This contest has ended.

Good luck!

Jen and Pippa

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A Day with the Winners of the Family Thrift Center Outlet “Sneak Preview Grand Opening”



We were excited to come across this darling “Young, Fabulous and Broke” dress for only $5.99 at a San Antonio Goodwill store.   Look at the details of the attached “necklace”.   At these prices you can’t say NO!

san antonio goodwill blog fashion

goodwill fashion bloggers cheap

goodwill cheap blog style

goodwill style thrift cheap

Young Fabulous & Broke is inspired by Young Hollywood. I love the laid-back LA style, so I wanted the designs to reflect that sort of easy going and free flowing bohemian lifestyle. The collections embody wearable boho-chic styles and are perfect for casual or dressy occasions,” said Heidi Cornell McKenna.



GW 2015 san antonio goodwill

With the Oscars happening tonight, glamorous gowns will be dominating the Internet as we examine who wore what.  In our opinion, nothing commands more attention than a red strapless gown…it screams Hollywood starlet!

We found this exquisite red gown by Victor Costa for Neiman Marcus this week while thrifting at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store for only $2.00!  We think this gown meets all the glamour requirements for the red carpet! 

  • Red…check
  • Stunning…check
  • High-end designer…check
  • Timeless…check
  • Train…check
  • Cheap…check (ooops, that is our requirement!)

celebrity cheap stylist

red carpet oscar gown thrift store

red carpet thrift store style

You can tell from all of these photos that a red gown is a favorite among celebrities!  CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of Oscar Fashion, Trends and Iconic Images.

 celebrity thrift store stylist

Harpers Bazaar “100 Best Red Carpet Dresses”  CLICK HERE

thrift store stylist

We can’t wait to see tonight’s fashions!

Are you interested in a private shopping event with Jen and Pippa?   CLICK HERE to enter.

Tahari, Lilly Pulitzer, Chan Luu and More …

Here is part II of our visit to a “new to us” store.

We hear all the time “my store doesn’t have anything good”.

That is exactly why we like to pick stores we have never been to and show you that almost every store has treasures to be found.

Too Cheap Blondes went to the Goodwill @ 10903 NW Freeway, Houston

We are in love with this pink & white toile dress … and we found 2 of them! Perfect for October / Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We are in love with this pink & white toile dress … and we found 2 of them! Perfect for October / Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Stunning TAHARI silk dress for $9.99 ... retails for almost $300

Stunning TAHARI silk dress for $9.99 … retails for almost $300

Oh My ... This stunning silk sheer CHAN LUU overlay dress was Amazing! $9.99 @ Thrift Store


What can be more Southern the Kentucky Derby, a big hat and a Lilly Pulitzer Dress! $9.99 @ a Thrift Store

What can be more Southern than the Kentucky Derby, a big hat and a Lilly Pulitzer Dress! $9.99 @ a Thrift Store


Here is part I:   HERE

Remember to Always Donate and Pay it Forward!

Jen and Pippa are virtual volunteers working to promote non-profit thrift stores in the Houston area.

Jen Meneely www.shopjenscloset.com

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