How can you resist a great big over-sized, comfy, cozy sweater!  They are back this season … you can find them on celebrities, magazines and all over social media!

This is definitely a must have for 2016/2017 and fortunately quite easy to find in most thrift stores, maybe even check out the men’s section.

Thrift Shop:

  • #1   SORIAL / New York leather Tote                             $2.00
  • #2   J.CREW oversized sweater                                        $2.00
  • #3   American Eagle distressed jeans                              $2.00
  • TOTAL:                                                                    $6.00

We found everything at Family Thrift Center OUTLET Store, where everything is priced at only $2!


thrift splurge denim hoodie cheap

Thrift or splurge … you decide!

The denim hoodie is a cool, easy to add casual sportswear piece to create a tomboy edge to your look.

Thrift Shop:

  • Denim Hoodie                       $2.00
  • TOTAL:                               $2.00

thrift denim hoodie splurge blog splurge thrift blog denim hoodie cheap celebrity

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at:  JenandPippa / @ / yahoo / dot / com

($2 items were found at Family Thrift OUTLET Stores, click HERE for locations)

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The comfy, cozy plaid shirt is one of fall’s must have trends!  Why not try this look out for a mere $2.00 investment.   Shopping at the Family Thrift OUTLET Stores (Houston & Phoenix) where everything is priced at only $2.00, is the perfect place to look for plaid shirts.

"Free People" and "All Star" plaid shirts for $2.00

“Free People” and “All Star” plaid shirts for $2.00

celebrity plaid shirt thrift store style cheap blog blondes

Even our “Back-to-School” shopper loved this trend!

(btw, her complete outfit was only $6!  POLO button down shirt, jeans and leather boots!)


back to school thrift store style plaid shirt

Houston Family Thrift Center Stores HERE

Phoenix Family Thrift Store HERE,   (our review of the Phoenix store)

  • Thursday Everything in the Store $2.00   each item
  • Friday Everything in the Store $1.75   each item
  • Saturday Everything in the Store $1.50   each item
  • Sunday Everything in the Store $1.25   each item
  • Monday Everything in the Store $1.00   each item
  • Tuesday Everything in the Store $  .50¢ each item
  • Wednesday Everything in the Store $  .25¢ each item

celebrity thrift store style dr martens

Ladies, we hope you held on to your Dr. Martens from the 80’s and early 90’s, because guess what??  They’re back!

We found these Dr. Martens last week at a Family Thrift Center OUTLET store for only $2.

Did you know that Dr. Martens have been around for more than 50 years!  Talk about a trend that keeps coming back around!  They are built to last and are not cheap (around $200).

Cashmere sweater $2, floral shorts $2 and Dr Martens $2 ... all from Family Thrift OUTLET!

Cashmere sweater $2, floral shorts $2 and Dr Martens $2 … all from Family Thrift OUTLET!

celebrity dr martens thrift store style cheap

We take face cleaning wipes with us to do a quick clean up while thrifting

We take baby wipes with us to do a quick clean up while thrifting.

$2 Dr Martens from Family Thrift OUTLET

$2 Dr Martens from Family Thrift OUTLET.


Jen and I travel with wet wipes and saddle soap to do a quick clean on leather items (shoes, purses, clothing) to see if it is worth getting professionally cleaned.  These dusty and dirty Dr. Martens were definitely worth a trip to a shoe repair store.  After a mere $8 stain and polish job, they now look brand new!

We also found this childrens pair of Dr Martens for $2!

cheap thrift store dr marten boots


Here are some of our favorite tips for shopping the Family Thrift Center Outlet stores.

  • “You don’t need to get there when they open on Thursdays.”  We usually arrive around 11 a.m., after the store has been open a few hours.  The store is really crowded until around noon, after that, it seems to calm down.   In our opinion, we prefer to go after the “morning rush.”  The employees are continually putting out new merchandise on Thursday and Friday, so you can find the “good stuff” for a couple of days before the stock starts running thin.
  • Some people say, “I never find anything!”  We go through hundreds, if not thousands, of items every time we go shopping in order to find one or two designer pieces of clothing.  Do not get frustrated when you walk into a thrift store and don’t find that “amazing deal” within a few minutes.  Jen and I spend hours going through every single hanger.  Sometimes we will come across a gorgeous piece of clothing within minutes, but it usually takes a good amount of time to find that treasure!   Never give up!  If you’re patient and dedicated, I promise that you will find a treasure!
  • There are no dressing rooms or mirrors.  Wear something comfortable so you can try a jacket or blouse over what you are wearing.
  • Finally, be prepared to shop with some highly competitive shoppers.  There are regulars who treat thrift shopping like a sport.
Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Family Thrift Center Outlet locations are where savvy shoppers come to save.  Each Thursday, new inventory comes in and every item is priced at just $2.00.  On Fridays, prices drop a quarter to $1.75 an item.  Then, each day after that, the price drops another 25 cents until Tuesdays, when prices drop to just 50 cents an item.  Prices drop another 25 cents on Wednesdays, when every item in the Outlet store costs only 25 cents!  With shopping this guilt free, you can’t lose!  Family Thrift Center Outlets sell men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, along with shoes, purses and accessories.  Store hours differ per location (all of the outlets close early on Wednesdays).

Have fun treasure hunting!

Jen & Pippa

We found this FABULOUS Halston Designer evening gown for $2 at a Houston Family Thrift Center Outlet store!!!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Nothing looks better on a woman than a well made dress!  We absolutely agree that although it might be hard to look past your environment when you are shopping a thrift store, with a little bit of vision, you can score some really amazing pieces.

celebrity thrift cheap stylist gown

Similar Halston Heritage Gown for $455 HERE

celebrity style cheap thrift stores designer

Many people are not cut out to shop in the outlet stores so we would like to share with you the types of amazing deals that are passed up on a regular basis in the Family Thrift Center retail stores.  The Halston dress we found in the Outlet was originally priced at $14.51 in the retail Family Thrift Center and then marked down to $7.57!  Since it still didn’t sell at $7.57, it was sent to the Outlet.  WOW!  We can’t even believe that this dressed wasn’t scooped up at the original $14.57 price!

thrift store designer clothes cheap

“Thrift stores are stuffed full of treasures, it is up to you to find them!”  -Too Cheap Blondes

To get more information about shopping at Family Thrift Center stores, click HERE.

Save the date!  On April 1st, Assistance League of Montgomery County in Conroe, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  The day will start off at 10:00 a.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Webb Melder, “Too Cheap Blondes,” and the Conroe Area/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.

conroe assistance league thrift store
The Assistance League Thrift Shop was just voted “Best Thrift Shop in Montgomery County” for the fourth year in a row!  We have to brag on these ladies a little more…they are a 100% volunteer organization that operates this thrift store.  With the funds they raise, they operate 10 philanthropic programs in Montgomery County!  That is an amazing accomplishment.  Be sure and not only shop with us on April 1st, but also bring a donation.  You can help make a difference in the lives of thousands of people!

“Operation School Bell” is one of our favorite programs, working with economically disadvantaged children and helping to boost their self esteem.  From June 2012 through May 2013, Operation School Bell provided new school clothing and shoe vouchers to 4,244 students in the Montgomery County (kindergarten through 8th grade).  In addition, clothing vouchers were provided to counselors at Montgomery County agencies for the emergency dressing of children at various times during the year.

WHERE:   126 N San Jacinto St, Conroe, TX

WHEN:   April 1st, 10 a.m. – 12 noon

ADDITIONAL $AVINGS:   Wear pearls between now and then and say “Happy Anniversary” to receive a $5 coupon.wear pearls to thrift store coupon

Join us for the celebration! We would love to meet you!

With the Oscars happening tonight, glamorous gowns will be dominating the Internet as we examine who wore what.  In our opinion, nothing commands more attention than a red strapless gown…it screams Hollywood starlet!

We found this exquisite red gown by Victor Costa for Neiman Marcus this week while thrifting at a Family Thrift Center Outlet store for only $2.00!  We think this gown meets all the glamour requirements for the red carpet! 

  • Red…check
  • Stunning…check
  • High-end designer…check
  • Timeless…check
  • Train…check
  • Cheap…check (ooops, that is our requirement!)

celebrity cheap stylist

red carpet oscar gown thrift store

red carpet thrift store style

You can tell from all of these photos that a red gown is a favorite among celebrities!  CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of Oscar Fashion, Trends and Iconic Images.

 celebrity thrift store stylist

Harpers Bazaar “100 Best Red Carpet Dresses”  CLICK HERE

thrift store stylist

We can’t wait to see tonight’s fashions!

Are you interested in a private shopping event with Jen and Pippa?   CLICK HERE to enter.

cheap plaid shirt


There are always new trends making their way into the fashion scene. The saying an “oldie but a goodie” perfectly describes bringing the plaid trend back!  Plaid was so major in the 90s, making this an easy to find item in a thrift store!

We found this American Eagle Plaid Shirt at the Family Thrift Outlet for $2.00!

thrift challenge

Plaid really is everywhere right now, so try the trend.   We love the blog www.Jseverydayfashion.com, she shows you how to wear trends in a practical everyday style.

thrift plaid style blog

TIP: Keep the statement pieces bold — but that means keeping the rest of the outfit more subdued.  Hold off on the full plaid look and instead wear a little bit at a time.

thrift store plaid shirt

cheap plaid shirt

We love how she styled a blazer with a plaid shirt and statement necklace!

We love how she styled a blazer with a plaid shirt and statement necklace!

thrift style blog



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“The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge!” Red Chanel Style Jacket ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES

A Chanel tweed jacket is a classic piece of clothing!  Seen on celebrities such as Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker.  We were not quite sure about this brand we found but you could tell from the fabric, construction, details and styling that this jacket was absolutely on the couture end of the spectrum!

chanel cheap fashion blog style

If I may be totally honest, let me tell you that as we put together our “Thrift Store Challenges” both Jen and I look at these pictures in amazement and we are KICKING ourselves at all of these super fabulous items we are leaving behind in the thrift stores!   Wow, these are right on trend but we keep telling ourselves  “Hey, you can only buy so much”.  Hmmmmm …how cheap can we be that we are talking ourselves out of INCREDIBLE items that are only $2.   We really fit into the name of “The Cheapest Housewives in Houston”.

tweed chanel jacket celebrity style


chanel style fashion blog blogger pippa


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“The Fabulous THRIFT SHOP Challenge”  “InStyle” MAGAZINE ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES Puffer Parka

This puffer parka coat we found for $2 in a thrift store looks quite “80’s” but wait …

LOOK at InStyle Magazine, September 2014 …it is perfectly on trend!

cheap thrift bloggers blog save

Walking into a thrift store with a current fashion magazine is honestly one of the best shopping days you will ever have!   It reminds me of being a teen-ager going on a scavenger hunt door-to-door … you never knew what you were going to find.  Ok, I know its not going to a beautiful store where everything is laid out perfectly, all coordinated by size and color but having a magazine will help give you guidance when looking for items … plus it is sooo much FUN to find a treasure for pennies on the dollar!

Wow … who knew these long, puffer jackets were so in style!  HUGE regrets that we left that jacket behind, we live in Houston so it is hard to think that we would ever be that cold.   Plus we have to live up to our name “Too Cheap Blondes”, seriously, we couldn’t spend $2 for that one cold day!

pippa style blog fashion

celebrity thrift store style

cheap puffer coats

abc fashion blogger pippa

instyle fashion blog cheap

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