A question Jen and I are often asked is how do you know what name brands are high-end?    The truth is, sometimes we don’t.  We use our phone every single time we thrift to research items!

While thrift shopping this week, I (Pippa) was on my way to the register when this asymmetrical sweater caught my eye.  I wasn’t sure about the brand, it was funky, big and boxy, but I liked the notch cut on the hem and the yarn felt good.   Honestly, I did not even look at the fabric content or even inspect it very carefully.  I was tired and wanted to go home and since it was only $2, I threw it in my cart.  Note:  this is normally where Jen and I would say, “Do some research on your phone, check out the brand, see what it is worth, and inspect the garment carefully for flaws.”  Once again, we don’t always practice what we preach…shame on us!

After a few days, I started tackling “the thrift pile” I had bought.   When I pulled out the funky sweater, it piqued my curiosity as I didn’t recognize the brand, Shirin Guild.  I, of course, Googled the brand and was quite shocked when I started seeing prices of several hundred dollars for similar sweaters.   Next, I checked the fabric tag.  The sweater was silk/cashmere, which made me realize that this was one of the higher-end sweaters that retail for $699!

Shirin Guild Lagenlook, silk/cashmere sweater retails $699 ... found for $2 at Thrift Store

Shirin Guild Lagenlook, silk/cashmere sweater that retails for $699…found for $2 at a thrift store.

I sent Jen a picture of the sweater, seeing if she knew anything about it.  While she wasn’t familiar with the brand either, she did recognize that the sweater had the “Lagenlook” style.  Lagenlook, which is German for “layered look,” usually describes asymmetrical and layered clothing.   It is best described as an interesting personal style of combining several of your favorite pieces together, even when they don’t necessarily go together.  It is definitely a form of art that we have to admire!

Are you a fan of Lagenlook?  Have you even heard of it?  Apparently the style trend has quite the following.

Here are a few ideas of how to put together the artistic "Lagenlook" style

Here are a few ideas of how to put together the artistic “Lagenlook” style

Here is a quick review of our tips for shopping in a thrift store:

(I followed #4, pay attention to fabrics and #11, be open to finding anything.  Number 10 was a complete accident!)

11 of the Best Thrift Store Tips

Thrifting Tips:

  1. Don’t try to put together an outfit or you will get frustrated.  Look for individual pieces and then try to build an outfit.
  2. Focus on dresses, jackets and skirts…this is where you normally get the most value for your money.
  3. Skip lower end brands such as Target, Forever 21 and Walmart.
  4. Pay attention to fabrics…avoid synthetics.   Look for natural fibers such as silk, cotton and wool.
  5. You can usually find much better deals by “digging” than shopping from the boutique section of a thrift store.
  6. All thrift stores are not created equal.
  7. Look through Pinterest, magazines and fashion blogs to recreate trends.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or 2 hours, you can always find something you love!
  9. Pick an area of town and go to 3-4 thrift stores since they are often near each other.
  10. Hard Fast Rule:  NEVER pay more than 10% of retail price, we try to pay 5% or even less.
  11. Be open to finding anything!

This sweater was found at a Family Thrift Outlet store on Hillcroft, the  #1 Resale Store in Houston, according to ABC Channel 13 News!

abc houston



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“The THRIFT SHOP Challenge” Pinterest ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES Cashmere Maxi Skirt

cashmere maxi skirt thrift shop

This stunning cashmere maxi skirt was only $6.99 at the Town & Country Goodwill store.   As we find comparison photos for these “Thrift Challenge” segments we usually end up kicking ourselves when we didn’t purchase the items.  Can you believe we didn’t buy this skirt?   Plus, beige is a neutral color that can be worn with anything!

Here is another way you can style this awesome skirt!

thrift store style blog

thrift fashion blog

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