“The THRIFT SHOP Challenge” Ralph Lauren $1,396.50 ~ vs ~ TOO CHEAP BLONDES $4

Jen and I stopped by one of our favorite thrift stores last week, Family Thrift Store Outlet, on Little York.  When I saw the sleeve of this jacket I knew I had found a treasure … a Ralph Lauren 100% Camel Hair Blazer in PERFECT condition … for only $2!

I completed this look with a Brooks Brothers blouse (found a few weeks earlier at the Outlet stores for $2) that retails for $98.50.

  • Ralph Lauren Camel Blazer   (retail $1,298)  $2.00
  • Brooks Brothers Blouse     (retail $98.50)     $2.00

(retail $1,396.50)     $4.00

The retail price on these 2 items is more than twice the cost of my first car!

ralph lauren camel haircamel hair thrift

What is camel hair?

Camel hair is a type of cloth made from pure camel hair or a blend of camel hair and another fiber. The outer protective fur (guard hair) is coarse and inflexible and can be woven into haircloth. Guard hair can be made soft and plush by blending it, especially with wool. The camel’s pure undercoat is very soft, gathered when camels molt, and is frequently used for coats.

Each camel can produce around five pounds of hair a year.  Fallen hair is normally gathered by hand.

More ideas on how to wear a camel hair blazer!

More ideas on how to wear a camel hair blazer!


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