Kate Spade, Jack Rogers, Chloe, Ivanka Trump, Christian Lacroix, Minnetonkas, All Saints, Chacos and more . . . all priced at ONLY $2.00 each at a Family Thrift Center Outlet Store!  (located all over Texas and in Phoenix)

$2.00 each

$2.00 each

Kate Spade “Party” ballet flats $395.00

kate spade thrift store party shoe flat

Jack Rogers sandals retail $118.00

jack rogers sandals cheap thrift store blog shop

Ivanka Trump “Abello” flat for $135.00

thrift store shop blog cheapChacos “Yampa” for the serious adventurer, retails $105.00.

chacos thrift store shop blog cheap blondes houston

Minnetonka moccasins

cheap blondes thrift store shop blog minnetonka

Nine West leather riding boots  $178.95

nine west leather boots thrift store shop blog

We can’t leave out these amazing Christian Lacroix heels we found a few weeks ago that retailed for more than $500.00.

christian lacroix heels pippa jen thrift cheap houston shop

One of our fans recently shared with us her amazing shoes finds . . . Chloe flats and All Saints booties for only $1.75 each!  Check out her blog HERE.

The most impressive part of her finds is the fact that she found all of these on a Friday . . . there are close to 1,000 shoppers on a Thursday from, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., who have all passed over these fabulous finds at only $2.00 each.    Once again this proves to all thrifters that it is up to YOU to find the deals, they are there!

Chloe flats retail $495.00

chloe flats cheap celebrity thrift store shop

All Saints booties retail $360.00

all saints thrift store booties

Here is a price list for the Family Thrift OUTLET Stores:

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Amazing prices every week at Family Thrift Outlet Stores!

Tips on Sanitizing your Thrifted Shoes:

  • Spray the inside the shoes with antibacterial spray, such as Lysol or Clorox
  • Wipe the outside down with a cleansing wipe
  • Use liquid shoe polish for an amazing quick fix.
  • Place the shoes into an airtight plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight to kill fungus and eliminate odor.