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  1. Terry says:

    Love your blog. I have been shopping at the Charity Guild and the Women’s Guild for 20 years. I have shown so many of my girlfriends how to thrift shop. I am a lot older than you girls which proves you are never to old to thrift shop.

    Friends ask me about items I am wearing and where I bought them. When I tell them I bought them at a thrift shop they ask me to take them. I have taken up to 4 girls at a time. We shop then we go have lunch.

  2. Teresa says:

    Which Family Thrift Stores are outlet stores? I have shopped the one across from the old Sharpstown Mall many times and love it.

  3. Lee Ann Grimes says:

    I love this! I have been going to the FT Outlets for several years–first to collect leather and silk shantung for a handbag-making adventure I was on –but when I saw the fun things, I was hooked! Now when i show up to Fun Friday with my girlfriends with big yellow bags, EVERYONE knows there will be something in a bag for them! I think I was actually in the store with you two this past week…Love sharing the adventure!

  4. Carolyn Wise says:

    Good Morning,

    How would I request from you a designer purse donation for our non profit, FamilyTime Crisis & Counseling Center”s, 4th Annual Mothers are Jewels luncheon on April 24, 2025?

    Carolyn Wise
    Board of Directors – Fundraising & Community Outreach
    Co-Chair Mothers are Jewels luncheon

  5. Deborah says:

    Hi Jen and Pippa, Really love your website and blogs, especially the fact that you are so kind and generous to share your thrifting tips. I have been thrifting for awhile and may have met or seen you at MAM thrift.
    Not able to get out as much as you do to all the locations but do love Family Thrift. My questions to you are where do you sell your excess finds? I have accumulated a back room full of excess, I have given much away to family, friends and charity but now need to sell some to help a family member pay some medical bills. My excess items are mostly china from my mother-in-law and dishes and other household, not clothes. Probably not the most salable things but never the less collectible.
    Should I start with Craigslist here then ebay?Try and a build a website w/photos? I’d greatly appreciate any advice you have on this and thank-you again for all your thrifting tips.

    • Pippa says:

      Hi Deborah! We do not keep our excess finds, that is what we share with you on Facebook & our blog. We have not sold on Craigslist but we have both sold items on ebay and on-line trading sites. Say hello is you see out shopping 🙂 Jen & Pippa

  6. Sabrina says:

    Hello – just found your site.

    Can you tell me if your favorite thrift stores carry plus sizes? I live out north and I’d like to visit some of your recommended stores, but don’t want to drive all the way there to find out that they don’t have any “larger” sizes.


    • Pippa says:

      Hi Sabrina! Yes there are larger sizes but it varies from week to week. I took a picture for you today to show you 2 long racks, full on both sides. If you leave a message on our facebook page I can attach it in my reply.

  7. Jalen says:

    You’re blog is awesome! I recently made a blog about the beauty of thriftshopping, and how can help the community around the area we live in. Feel free to check it out if you have the time./

  8. Miz Val says:

    Hello you two! I have been a thrift store shopper since the 70’s .We use to get our Saturday night outfits there. It’s also a great way to donate your items as your children grow out of their gently used items .In our area we have a children’s consignment store I have two complaints .You guys are so away and more store like your need to carry plus sizes . We all cant be a size 10.

    Keep up the good work

  9. SJ says:

    Which Goodwill store locations would you recommend visiting if you’re short on time and need a professional wardrobe?

  10. DebM says:

    Hi Guys,
    Love your blog and FB page as well. Much appreciate all your volunteer work and help. (especially for the veterans and schools!) I’ve only been to a Family Thrift Outlet one time, it happened to be the week the outlet on Hilcroft was opening last year? Of course, it was a mad house as you can imagine. Question: You say new merchandise comes in to each outlet every Thursday, is it new merchandise that has been donated or is it merchandise that has been collected from other Family Thrift stores that has not sold? I am a plus size gal and was just wondering that. I’ve been able to find some nice pieces at Family Thrift for myself and others but like you say it takes patience and diligence.

  11. Raquel says:

    Hello Jen &Pippa,
    Im New to tour blog and I’m an avid thrift shopper. I recently found a thrift store Value Village on S.Gardner and on the third Wednesday if every month it’s half price, but the regular prices are relatively cheap anyway. However, I find the prices in Goodwill to be a bit pricey so I really dont shop there. I’ve shopped at family thrift store and outlet several times, love their prices go down everyday until restock day….. Yes a thrusting meet up sounds ahhh-amazing!!!!!!

  12. Raquel says:

    Im sorry about all the typos…..I apologize. Value Village is on S.Gessner. And a thrifting meet up would be ahhh-mazing!!!!!

    • Stephanie says:


      Do you happen to know when the next half- off Wens. will be? I’ve tried calling this location and they don’t answer. If you could let me know, that would be AWESOME!

      Thank you in advance!

  13. Jim Anderson says:

    Hello, I manage a thrift store and I have to say a big Thank You for all the tips!
    I am now training my staff to sort out all the treasures and we will be putting everything good (lots more now) in our own weekly auction corner to get the most bang out of our treasures.
    Will be passing on this knowledge to all of our other stores across the country.
    Thanks again!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I was asking about the 1/2 Wed. At Value Villiage on Bissonnet. I’m for the confusion

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