Our Favorite Houston Thrift Stores

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  1. Diane says:

    Thanks! Great info!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love to thrift shop!! Want to try your spots!!

  3. Melissa pride says:

    Please check out Blue Monkey thrift shop in Friendswood! All proceeds go to Builders Without Borders of Texas for work locally, in Mexico, and to support ouR orphanage in Haiti. Clothes (with the exception of one “boutique” rack) are $1 each. Shoes and purses as marked. All volunteer run.
    206 E. Edgewood

    Closed Sunday and Monday. Open 10-4 other days

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    Wow awesome site ladies!! I just moved here from Chicago and have to admit i was a little worried i would never find my what would be my next favorite thrifty location. Well being a lover of adventure and
    the thrill of the hunt i set out to talk to ladies at various stores and BINGO a gal sent me on my way to a Family Thrift!! I spent 4 hours there and it only felt like half and hour and only wish i had couldve dropped cookie crumb trails to mark my previous paths (i ran through the aisles over and over). I fell love with the place and my finds.On my first outing I scored a Kate Spade sleeveless top, Adrienne Vittadini pumps in pefect condition, GAP skinny jeans and cute striped top, an Ann Taylor pencil skirt, a cute tiny floral buttonup and adorable red peep toe flats. All this for just under $40. This has been my only way to dress for years and i truly get anxiety when
    i walk into a mall. My 17 yr old son and 20 yr daughter have followed in my footsteps too. No one ever believes we can dress the way we do from a thrift store. High five to you both and really hope to meet you at one of the locations. Would you ever consider doing a meetup with a group of gals? My idea of
    fun! 🙂

  5. Clarissa says:

    How can u tell a real from a fake in purses if they come from thrift stores?

  6. Jill Martinez says:

    My husband, our son and I get down to Texas to visit family once a year since we’re in Minnesota. Are there any thrift stores in or near Pasadena TX?

  7. Susan L says:

    My fav thrift shop when I lived in Houston was the Blue Bird Circle shop on W Alabama. I got some gorgeous things there!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Saw your article on yahoo today; I love hunting and finding unique pieces of clothing for work. Most of my wardrobe for work comes from thrift stores- which I often get complimented on. Thanks for sharing your list of stores!

  9. millie says:

    HI! I love your site! is there a blog or something I can suscribe to?

  10. Diana says:

    I don’t shop often because frankly, I’m cheap and can’t find anything I like – cheap enough. I have been to the Goodwill and other thrift stores in Katy, however, not often.

    When I saw you on the morning news show this week (I believe Friday), I had to search you out. I found one of your favorite thrift store is the Goodwill on I10 near Gessner. I was running an errand anyway and stopped by that location, first. I found 2 blouses and a brand new pair of shoes. I am not a “label” shopper so I didn’t know what I’d found until I was checking out. The customer behind me said, “Oh you found a Theory.” I just nodded and paid my $5.99 for it. This is a long sleeve, button down, French cuff shirt. When I got to my car, I googled it and only then did I realize I have a $200+ blouse that I found at Goodwill.

    Thanks for the great tip! I will be looking for more great deals!

  11. Natasha O'Neil says:

    My favorite shop is pennywise in stafford. They have fantastic designer clothes and 50% off on Wednesday!

  12. Laurie sikes says:

    Love shopping in Houston when visiting our daughter. Even my husband loves to go,at least for a short trip. We always have to go back another day without him. Family thrift Little York

  13. Suzanne Irby says:

    Hey yall, I am flying in to Houston next week on 6/24/15 for annual follow-up visit to MD Anderson’s Cancer Center (I have been cancer free 1 year now, praise God) and I am wanting to visit some of your favorite goodwill stores on Thursday, but will not have transportation, so I was wanting to find out which of your favorites are closest to MD Anderson’s and maybe appr. how far, so I can determine if I can afford the cost of a taxi. I am so very excited to hopefully get to shop at least at one of your favorites. Yall don’t ever offer transportation from the cancer center do you?
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
    from Mississippi

  14. Lupe says:

    I love family thrift outlet! I usually hit the Almeda location, plan on going to the others soon.

    Value Village on Harrisburg and on Gulf freeway have good deals and great selection. Downside: no dressing rooms. Upside: punch card for 50% off valid Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

  15. Candra says:

    Hi, I live in Spring, are there any good thrift stores around this area?

  16. Jennifer Deese says:

    Visiting a theft shop is a serious business. I think I’m addicted. I turned a extra bedroom into a closet to accomdate my great buys. My favorite name brands are Chico, Coldwater Creek, St John’S Bay, and Alfred Dinner. On 8/8/15 I found 2 pairs of ColeHaan and 1 pair of AnnTaylor shoes for under 20.

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